Wireless Networking with Linksys WRT54GL

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Ron Krebs, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Ron Krebs

    Ron Krebs Guest

    Hi, I have a Westell Modem-Router with Wireless capability (327W) that I use
    on the first floor to manage my home network. I use both ports(wired) and
    xmit capabilities on the modem to connect two desktops (wired via cable) and
    three laptops (wireless via Westell antenna) to my home network. However,
    the xmit power of the Westell is not enough to give my daughter's laptop on
    the second floor far end of the house a good signal. In addition, my sons
    also play XBox 360 also on second floor and need online connectivity. I
    solved the Xbox problem by running a ethernet cable up to the second floor.
    I wanted to use that cable to also give my daughter's laptop internet access
    as well as home network access. So I bought a Linksys WRT54GL router,
    reflashed to DD-WRT mini SP2 firmware and now have both the Xbox and my
    daughter's laptop functioning with the exception that my daughter's laptop
    is not being discovered by my first floor network. I have disabled the
    54GL's SPI firewall thinking that was the problem but still no connection.
    What settings do I need to change on the linksys router to be used as an AP
    (it currently is in AP mode)? The Linksys currently is being seen by my
    daughter's laptop as having a gateway address of but that is
    also what my westell is set at. Is that a conflict? Also, should I have the
    Linksys set to DHCP forwarding instead of DHCP server? Any help is

    Ron Krebs, Jun 12, 2008
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  2. Ron Krebs

    jim Guest


    jim, Jun 12, 2008
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  3. Windows networking does not traverse routers. What you really need
    instead of the Linksys WRT54GL "Router" is an "Access Point" to
    extend your network. Fortunately, the WRT54GL can be configured to
    work as an Access Point. The steps are basically:
    1) In your Linksys Configuration, assign a different IP address to
    the Linksys in the same subnet as your Westel. In your case,
    2) Disable DHCP on your Linksys Router. your Westel Router will
    provide DHCP
    3) Connect your network using the LAN ports of your Linksys modem
    and leave your WAN port disconnected.

    More information may be found here:

    "Using a Wireless Router as an Access Point"

    "How do I use a Wireless Cable/DSL Router as a Switch with an Access

    John Wunderlich, Jun 12, 2008
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