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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Jerri Ann, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Jerri Ann

    Jerri Ann Guest

    I have had a home network set up between two desktops, a printer and a
    laptop. We have a wireless router. I just bought a new wireless HP
    printer/fax. I can't get it on the network. Now I think I have messed up
    the network. I have Windows XP on my desktop and it won't let me view much
    about the network. It always wants to run the wizard. The Wireless Network
    Test Report from the printer that was printed said that the wireless was on,
    the wireless was working, the Network name (SSID) was found, but the security

    Only two networks show up when it looks for a network to join. They were
    two different names, but I probably messed up and was trying to find the key
    so I ran the wizard again and changed the name to match the network that it
    said was on my laptop. So now I have two networks with the same name.
    Neither of them work. The one that I created on my desktop shows a question
    mark on signal strength rather than giving me a number.

    Can anyone help me?
    Jerri Ann, Mar 28, 2010
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  2. Hi
    At this point do not use the wizard any more, configure both computers
    Look at each computer properties and makes sure that all the computer are
    configured for the same Network.
    Re-Boot the computers after the reconfiguration.
    Then switch off every thing including the Router.
    Wait a Minute switch On the Router, and then the computers. If the secondary
    Networks did not go leave them alone they would disappear after few more
    For the Wireless laptop this might help.
    My Wireless does not work - http://www.ezlan.net/wireless.html
    Wireless Basic Configuration - http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Config.html
    Wireless Security - http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Security.html
    As far as the Wireless printer.
    Once the rest of the network works. Read the printer manual and configure
    the Printer with the software that came with it.
    Do not make any changes to you Network, the printer should adapt to your
    Network and Not vice versa.
    Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).
    Jack [MVP-Networking], Mar 28, 2010
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