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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Giovanni Nasillo, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Hi
    Can anyone please offer me some advice, I wish to connect up a home wireless
    network so that my desktop pc can network with my notebook and share files
    and printers etc and share my BTHome 500 broadband connection. My desktop pc
    is running Win98SE and has two USB ports with a 4 port USB hub connected to
    one at present and an alcatel ADSL modem connected to the other. My notebook
    is running Win XP Home and has available ports for network cards etc.

    I notice that BT recommend the Linkysys WUSB11 USB network adapter and a
    Linksys WPC11 Network card. Are these products any good and easy to set up
    and quite simply do they work well? These are available considerably cheaper
    than through BT in BT unbranded versions and I am assuming both options are
    the same?

    What other options do I have and would you indeed recommend another option?

    Does my desktop pc need to be both switched on and connected to internet for
    my laptop to share the connection or can it connect up independently of my
    desktop where the ADSL modem will be connected to., and can one surf
    different web pages on my desktop and notebook simultaneously?

    I know that the other option via BT is with the BT Voyager 2000 network ADSL
    modem but with the USB adapter and laptop adapter the cost rises to £249. I
    don't really wish to spend that much but is this a better option than the
    Linksys option above? What will I gain for my money with this option.

    I am a bit out of my depth on this so any guidance , advice and pushing in a
    particular direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks in advance

    Giovanni Nasillo, Jul 19, 2003
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  2. Giovanni Nasillo

    Bluemax Guest

    Get a router I got the Linksys 54g through Amazon £100 ish.Works fantastic
    and uses the new faster 11g which I would recommend.
    Rgds David
    Bluemax, Jul 19, 2003
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