wireless connection makes my computer freeze

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bubulea, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. bubulea


    Aug 6, 2006
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    Please help me I am desperate !

    I am connecting to the internet through a wireless LAN connection which
    doesn't work wonders (sometimes the signal strenght is weak).

    Soon after installing the drivers of it and pluggin in the usb cable I
    noticed that my computer stopped responding.The only thing responding was the
    reset button.Ctrl-alt-delete didn't work,unplugging the usb
    cable either.The first couple of times this happened the signal strenght
    was so weak that I didn't actually get to connect to the internet.I was just
    attempting to.

    I unppluged the usb cable and the computer didn't block anymore.
    This began to happen the day I installed the drivers of the lan card and
    plugged in the usb cable.

    I have reinstalled the drivers several times and the problem persists.I
    scanned my computer for viruses and spyware,nothing found.The
    computer(pentium II)works just fine when I am connecting through dial-up.I
    have closed all the programs open (firewall,antivirus and
    others),nothing.When I get connected from other computers in my house through the
    wireless connection no problems arise.

    This continues to happen to the present moment (I am actually saving the
    text cause I don't know when it'll strike again and I don't want to retype
    :)).It freezez after aproximately 1 hour after pluggin in the cable but sometimes it can be just 15 minutes or even 2 hours.

    It really bugs me because I already lost a lot of data I was in the
    middle of downloading when xp died again.This is not happening only when I
    download something,It happens even when no programs are running.

    If this sounds familiar to anybody please reply,any idea could help...I am reaching a dead
    end here.

    Thanks !

    P.S:sorry if my explanation isn't accurate enough,I am not english and I'm
    not a IT wiz either.
    bubulea, Aug 6, 2006
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