Wireless connection dropping after 5 minutes. (all g compatible)

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Guest Guest

    I have tried this on 4 different PC's with 3 different card (2 types) and 3
    different routers (2 types)

    Firstly, I bought 2 BT Voyager wireless broadband kits each including BT
    Voyager 2100 Wireless router, 1040 PCI card and 1060 Laptop card. One 1040
    was installed in my HP Pav T190.uk, the other in my dad's dell dimension
    (don't know model) Setp up doth networks wired, then switched mine to
    wireless and my left my dads to himself. I host and online gaming server
    (wired) and play on mine (wireless). I kept getting kicked off the server for
    idle time. Connected wired and it was fine, did a ping test both ways, and
    noticed the wireless network was dropping every 5ish minutes.

    Fired this question to my dad, he said he had similar problems with his
    Dell, however his Laptop was working perfectly. tried them all at my house,
    pinging both PC's and the laptop continuously with the router, both pc's kept
    loosing where the laptop didn't. I also have a PSP which connects floorlessly.

    I then purchased (after warnings) a pci wireless card for my friend to use
    with his wireless router. This si a custom built PC with athalon 64 Sempron
    3100+, 1 gig of ram and 7 PCI bays only using 1 at moment, and nvid gf
    6600gt. This was using a 1 port speedtouch w/l broadband router with a INeXQ
    PCI card. All was OK on the wireless front until we moved it more than 5 feet
    away. then we started again with the loss.

    Is this a PCI technology issue or something to do with voltageor
    inteference? Both mine and the custom models have 450 watt psu's and 6600gt
    gfx cards so ample for models.

    Has anyone any ideas why it could be doing this so consistantly on multiple
    machines or how to fix it.

    Guest, Feb 8, 2006
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  2. Guest

    Carol Guest

    I don't have an answer to your question but I noticed you haven't had any
    responses, so I thought I'd give you my 2 cents worth.
    I have heard of a lot of situations of people having drop off problems. Most
    of the time is has not been due to the hardware or software as much as
    location or individual settings.
    i.e.: how often is your IP refresh set to, I've also heard of situations
    where IP servers have refreshed and lost connection for a short time,
    bumping users. AOL used to bump my friends IP address (turns out they did it
    intentionally because of a problem with his account).
    Did you try Google ing your question of "wireless connection dropping" and
    see what other threads you might be able to find on the issue?

    Hope something I offered helps guide you toward finding your answer. Sorry I
    can't be more help.
    Carol, Feb 16, 2006
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  3. Guest

    ato_zee Guest

    Many wireless adapters drivers have a view signal strength and
    signal quality.
    Netstumbler (free download), if your adapters are compatible,
    has a signal/noise viewer.
    Lots of things can generate interference. Aerials on the
    back of PC's, and laptop adapters may not be best placed
    and screened by the case. USB can be better as you can
    move them for better reception and add a reflector if needed
    to boost the signal.
    Static IP addresses and configuration can be better if
    DHCP is causing the problem.
    ato_zee, Feb 16, 2006
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    cheers all the dhcp ip license is 24 hours and the w/l key auth interval is
    always 0 (off) the connection is good within a few feet, it's whenit's moved
    to somewhere outside of the room, (behind a false wall for example, but
    effectively only 6 feet away). We have tried numerous different locations and
    setups. The router top of a bookcase on 1 side of the wall and the pc only 4
    feet away on the other. I have given up on the quest for wireless as I now
    have all my kit local to each other and a 4 port router, but my friend wants
    to have household pc downstairs( wired or w/l not bothered), and his pc
    upstairs (w/l). The laptops and PSP, work fine and constant upstairs, it's
    only the PC. it's not an invalid signal reading in the software cause ping
    requsts are getting dropped as well.

    Like it's been said, it unusual that this happens so frequently.

    Any further ideas are well received. Thanks for all your help.
    Guest, Feb 17, 2006
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry carol forgot to add. These are issues between card and router. ip
    bumping is generally an indication of 24 hour dhcp licensing with the ISP,
    not a very smart move on their part. Whether the router is connected to the
    web or not, it should still allow internetwork communication and IP

    Tell your friend to drop AOL. that's what my friend has and they said he
    could go wireless if he upgraded, then sent him a w/l router with no card
    (how is that one wireless eh), also his old modem was usb where as the new
    one is lan only, ie need ethernet adp or w/ card, he had neither until I
    upgraded his board last month. AOL aren't the smartest of the munch
    Guest, Feb 17, 2006
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