Wireless computer cannot see other network computer all of a sudden

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Steve Conklan, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. DSL modem; Linksys 54G wireless router

    2 computers (identical) one plugged into the router (A), the other set up
    with a linksys wireless adapter USB (B)
    1 notebook (linksys wireless PC card adapter)

    WindowsOneCare firewall, WindowsXP professional SP 2 on all

    Wireless computer has always had trouble seeing the plugged-in one, but the
    Notebook and plugged-in computer have no problems. I have turned off the
    firewall; makes no difference. I have run and re-run ad nauseam the Network
    wizard and even renamed the network to the preferred name of MSHome.

    I have all the files on the plugged in computer in the Shared Documents
    folder. I even reshared the folder and checked the allow to change files
    box. I get computer B to see the files once in a while, but it coughs when
    it tries to open them and usually want finish doing so before it has stopped
    seeing the file.

    I can run Remote Desktop from Computer A to Computer B and to the notebook,
    but cannot run Remote Desktop from Computer B to A
    Works from notlebook on both computers and vice-versa

    Computer B (wireless) just won't cooperate. Any ideas. I have simplified
    networking on and I am pretty knowledgeable with Windows but could not find
    last night how to enable the advance networking options. Where are they
    Steve Conklan, Feb 16, 2006
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  2. Steve Conklan

    SteveC Guest

    I saw some of the other comments from people with similar woes and have more
    information. Computer B with the wireless connection cannot connect to my
    notebook or computer A via Remote Desktop but I can get to it with RD from
    the other two. Since the notebook has a Linksys wireless adapater and
    connects to the network fine, I don't think it is a router problem. I tried
    adding netbeui and that didn't help. Next I am going to uninstall the
    firewall. I disabled it and it made no difference.
    SteveC, Feb 17, 2006
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  3. Steve Conklan

    SteveC Guest

    I can get remote desktop to connect if I type in the IP address instead of
    the computer name (in Computer B). I can also get View Computers to show
    the names of all 3, but still cannot connect to shared folders on Notebook
    or Computer A.
    SteveC, Feb 17, 2006
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