Wireless bridge advice needed, please

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Hugh Newbury, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Hugh Newbury

    Hugh Newbury Guest


    I'm running a network around a Netgear DG834G v.3 router. I need to link
    an ancient Dell laptop/basestation wirelessly to the router.

    I have been using a Linksys ethernet bridge WET54G ver.2, a hangover
    from when I was using a Linksys router. But it cannot contact the
    Netgear router and I think it's broken, like the Linksys router.

    Netgear have various wireless bridges: PCcard2, USB2 dongle, but the
    Dell has only PCcard1 and USB1. However, it does have a NIC in the
    basestation, which I was using for the Linksys bridge. Is there nowadays
    a device that I can get that will use the NIC? Something more reliable
    than the Linksys would be nice: I'm reluctant to buy another Linksys
    bridge on the offchance (a) that it will work, and (b) that it will
    still be working after a year or two.

    What do people suggest?

    TIA for any advice.

    Hugh Newbury, Nov 19, 2007
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  2. Hugh Newbury

    Conor Guest

    Firstly, make sure you're using your Linksys in "Client Mode" as I
    think that's the problem.

    How old is the laptop? My sons Dell C600 Pentium 3 jobbie runs PCMCIA
    Wifi adapters fine and has run a USB Wifi dongle fine even though it's
    USB1. I think you're getting a bit too hung up on the V2/V1 issues with
    the PC Cards and USB.

    If you want something that uses the NIC, you can use a Netgear WG602 in
    "Client Mode" - they're about £35.
    Conor, Nov 19, 2007
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  3. Hugh Newbury

    Alex Fraser Guest

    Are you reasonably convinced that the WET54G is broken? In other words, do
    you think
    USB2 devices are backwards compatible with USB1.1 so a USB2 adaptor such as
    the WG111 should work, although the fact that the laptop doesn't support
    USB2 will limit transfer speeds to something like 8Mbit/s (around 25% of
    what you would get with USB2 for LAN transfers, eg file sharing, with a good
    signal). If networking is primarily for Internet use or you rarely transfer
    large files this is probably not an issue.

    A PCMCIA one (eg WG511) is also likely to be compatible and would avoid the
    speed issue. More details on the laptop might enable compatibility to be
    I can't beat Conor's suggestion of a WG602 in client mode - assuming it is

    Alex Fraser, Nov 19, 2007
  4. Hugh Newbury

    CRASH Guest

    Apple Express will do you nicely
    CRASH, Nov 23, 2007
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