Wireless bandwiidth question?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by dizzyd, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. dizzyd

    dizzyd Guest

    I was contemplating buying a new wifi card for my desktop and upgrading to
    802.11N. I noticed that there is now 802.11N pci express cards available.
    Would I notice a performance increase with pci express? Also I'm using a
    linksys N router would this work ok with a d link 802.11N pci express card?
    dizzyd, Aug 19, 2009
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  2. dizzyd

    Lem Guest

    Compared to what? 802.11G, yes.

    Also I'm using a
    Although 802.11n is still in "draft" status, the trade organization that
    represents the major wireless networking manufacturers has a
    "certification" program that supposedly assures interoperability between
    802.11n draft 2.0 products. Without looking, I assume that both D-Link
    and Linksys products are "certified."
    Lem, Aug 19, 2009
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  3. dizzyd

    Jack-MVP Guest

    It depends on what is it the you have now, and several environmental
    Since I do not know what the above is, it hard to give a straight answer.
    Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).
    Jack-MVP, Aug 20, 2009
  4. dizzyd

    Paulo Maia Guest

    You can´t forget if this 802.11G or 802.11B just about for classify the
    bandwidth of the devices on the network, like the 802.11G is used for the
    bandwidths of 54Mbs and the 802.11B for 11Mbs, this just for idicate what
    mode the device goes used, conform the other resources with goes used too,
    leave the device transmition more secure.
    Paulo Maia, Aug 21, 2009
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