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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    I recently purchased the referenced OS from an online source and admittedly
    took the risk, as the website indicated that only an identical version of
    this software could be provided as a remedy to a problem; no cash refunds or
    credit towards other purchases. The installation process for this OS is WAY
    above my head and is quite different than any other installation procedure I
    have seen. The recommended install suggests that no less than 3 computers
    are used. A master computer, technician computer and end user. The
    alternatate "stand alone" install results in a lame, difficult to install and
    featureless OS with possibly no internet/network access. The question I have
    is how an average "citizen" is to accomplish a full install without all of
    the nonsense, such as Win 2K was and why there wasn't a very plain notice
    that many hours of research would be required to install this OS unless the
    installer was an IT or otherwise trained computer specialist. I built the
    computer but don't have the software training. Are there other downloads
    that can assist with a full install? Any help here is appreciated; otherwise
    I feel as though I just threw $150 out the window (no pun intended).
    Guest, Aug 3, 2005
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  2. Guest

    MikeSa Guest

    I am at a loss here. Are you sure that you purchased the product you are
    talking about. I found the installation just as easy as any installation
    since Windows98.
    I am just an "average citizen" and am using XP64 in a dual boot setting. I
    have just 1 computer and had no problems with internet access. All I had to
    do was check on the installtion every once in awhile for needed info such as
    product ID and so forth. I don't think it could be much simpler
    MikeSa, Aug 3, 2005
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  3. Guest

    DKI Guest

    So far in comparision to 9X setup i find this one better and easier. mostly
    its pop the cd in let it boot (with CD set as boot device in the bios) then
    follow instructions and there are few things to do.

    there is textmode where you select sata, scsi or raid drivers, then it leads
    to hitting f8 for i agree to the EULA then the partition area where you can
    partition then let it run and reboot. then it will start the installation
    processes in GUI mode then read the screens when it shows the screens to the
    region and keyboard settings and lan settings if there are any and then it
    will install after that and reboot and then install compatable x64 drivers
    and software.

    Thats all summed up

    Its not that hard to set up.

    And i hope you did your research as to wether the devices you brought are
    supported by the manufucture there is support for most devices but not all.
    And there is network and internet support in X64 just there depends on the
    modem you have and if there are drivers avilable for it, if you use
    broadband with ethernet there will not be any issues, USB modems there will
    be if the maunufucture has no drivers, same goes for dialup modems.
    DKI, Aug 3, 2005
  4. Guest

    John Barnes Guest

    I am a loss too. Install is easy, especially if you don't have SATA drives
    and need to F6 them during the first part.
    GUI is exactly like XP.
    John Barnes, Aug 3, 2005
  5. Guest

    Ted Guest

    Maybe you selected that this computer belongs to a Domain,
    instead of a Workgroup.
    You can change that in the Control Panel\System\
    Computer name tab
    I bought OEM and the installation with SATA drives went
    Ted, Aug 3, 2005
  6. That might be the way an OEM would install the OS, but you wouldn't and don't
    need to. Assuming you have a bootable CD, you'll want to make sure you've
    made a thorough and verified backup of your PC, especially any critical data
    files. Then follow standard installation procedures for any OS. If you have a
    RAID or SATA controller, make sure you've downloaded the drivers from your
    mfg, and then make an "F6" floppy to use to install the drivers. Read the
    forum here, or check my blog, for details on how to do that.

    (what you've described, btw, is a typical OEM WinPE based or RIS install. If
    you're installing dozens or more of the the same computer across an
    enterprise, that makes perfect sense and is well worth the effort. But for
    one PC, just "do it".
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Aug 3, 2005

  7. WinXPx6464 is just as simple to install as any other version of
    Windows. I don't know what you purchased, but the process you describe
    means that it most definitely isn't a normal installation CD.

    Simply boot from the WinXP installation CD. You'll be offered the
    opportunity to delete, create, and format partitions as part of the
    installation process. (You may need to re-arrange the order of boot
    devices in the PC's BIOS to boot from the CD.)

    HOW TO Install Windows XP;en-us;316941

    This is exactly the same as installing Win2K. (Or would be, if you had
    a real WinXPx64 installation CD.)

    If you can't get your money back from the vendor, try contacting your
    credit card company to stop payment. (If you paid cash or check, you're
    probably out of luck, but ask your local law enforcement agencies.)


    Bruce Chambers

    Help us help you:

    You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having
    both at once. - RAH
    Bruce Chambers, Aug 4, 2005
  8. Guest

    Larry Guest

    sounds like you booted the OEM pre-installation CD, not the win x64 cd
    Larry, Aug 4, 2005
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