Windows XP restore from DOS?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jim P, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Jim P

    Jim P Guest

    I remember seeing something a few months back that did a restore from a dos
    prompt or floppy disk.
    Anyone know how to do this, or of any links?

    Jim P, Jan 3, 2005
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  2. What you saw was a restore from the recovery console - which looks like
    a dos prompt. The commands are similar.
    One way of getting to the recovery console is with a set of 6 disks.

    Other more convenient ways of getting to the recovery console are
    booting off the cd. Or better, installing it as an option in the start
    menu (F8) so you don't need a cd. (If you updated windows xp to Sp2,
    then you will have to slipstream the xp cd, making it xp sp2 in order
    to install the recovery console).

    There are different types of XP boot disk. There is the 6 disk set -
    where you can get to the recovery console. And there is the 1 disk
    formatted in xp with 3 files (, ntldr, boot.ini).

    You could theoretically, boot up with a windows 98 boot disk or boot
    cd, and then if xp is installed on a fat16 or fat32 partition you could
    access the files from a real dos prompt. Or, if XP was installed on
    an NTFS partition then you could do that with a fantastic program
    called NTFS PRO, which is infinitely better than ntfsread.exe from There is a demo of NTFS PRO that is readonly, that is also
    infinitely better than ntfsread.exe The place to get NTFS PRO or the
    demo, is

    *Here is the 6 disk set for XP home

    *The 6 disk set for XP Pro

    *The '3 file boot disk' (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT BOOTDISK.COM);en-us;305595
    you can make the disk by opening up the command prompt, doing format a:
    then putting boot.ini, and ntldr on it.

    note: I recommend using a sector editor, like Roadkil's sector editor,
    this shows the boot record of the disk, which actually contains the
    names of the files that the disk looks for on bootup. Thus showing the
    difference between a disk formatted as an msdos boot disk, and a disk
    formatted in windows xp(via right clicking A, or by format a:). BTW,
    if using the 'right click A:' method to format the disk within xp, then
    be sure to uncheck the 'msdos boot disk' option.

    * Recovery console commands

    and related document (includes installing the recovery console)
    jameshanley39, Jan 3, 2005
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  3. note- the Win XP 3 file boot disk has nothing to do with the dos
    prompt. It just lets windows use the 3 files on the boot disk to load
    up windows instead of the ones on the hard drive which may be missing
    or corrupt or may have a badly configured boot.ini

    I only mentioned it because I mentioned the 6 file set. The 6 file set
    can get you to the recovery console that you saw.
    jameshanley39, Jan 3, 2005
  4. Jim P

    mark mandel Guest

    mark mandel, Jan 4, 2005
  5. broken link
    jameshanley39, Jan 4, 2005
  6. Jim P

    Trent© Guest;en-us;305595

    Have a nice one...


    Follow Joan Rivers' example --- get pre-embalmed!
    Trent©, Jan 5, 2005
  7. jameshanley39, Jan 5, 2005
  8. Jim P

    Trent© Guest

    Trent©, Jan 6, 2005
  9. he just wants to know what he saw. If he saw a windows xp restore from
    a 'dos prompt', then he saw somebody use the 6 disk set and get to a
    recovery console and repair/restore it - probably using fixmbr and
    fixboot and maybe bootcfg. A less likely possibility is a windows 98
    boot disk restoring a fat32 partition with xp on it - I say less likely
    because he'd probably have recognised it - since he knows what a dos
    prompt is.

    He definitely didn't see somebody use the single 3 file xp boot disk if
    he saw a 'dos prompt'.
    jameshanley39, Jan 6, 2005
  10. Jim P

    Thor Guest

    HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt in Windows XP
    The information in this article applies to:
    a.. Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    b.. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    This article was previously published under Q304449
    a.. SUMMARY
    a.. Starting System Restore Tool from Command Prompt
    Windows XP includes the System Restore tool, but you cannot start the System
    Restore tool from a Recovery Console prompt. Because of this, it may be
    useful to start the System Restore tool when you are unable to start your
    Windows XP-based computer normally or in Safe mode. This article describes
    how to start the System Restore tool when you are unable to start your
    Windows XP-based computer normally or in Safe mode.

    back to the top

    Starting System Restore Tool from Command Prompt
    1.. Start your computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

    NOTE: You must log on as the administrator or a user that has
    administrator rights.
    2.. At the command prompt, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe,
    and then press ENTER.
    3.. Follow the instructions on the screen to begin restoring your computer
    to a previous, functional state.
    back to the top

    For additional information about the System Restore tool, click the article
    numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    302796 Troubleshooting System Restore in Windows XP

    306084 How to Restore Windows XP to a Previous State

    For additional information about the Safe Mode with a command prompt, click
    the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge
    315222 A Description of the Safe Mode Boot Options in Windows XP

    back to the top
    Last Reviewed: 3/17/2003
    Keywords: kbenv kbhowto kbHOWTOmaster KB304449 kbAudITPro
    Thor, Jan 6, 2005
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