Windows XP and Roaming Profiles

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by SchoolTech, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. SchoolTech

    SchoolTech Guest

    We have 10 staff on laptops who of course want to be able to log in away
    from the server without switching profiles. So we changed their XP
    roaming profile to a local one in the Control Panel -> System ->
    Advanced -> User profiles settings.

    Everything worked just fine until the school put in a new server running
    Samba 3 and set it up over the weekend, then I got a call saying that
    when they logged into the server this mornings saying that Windows tried
    to look for a roaming profile for each user, couldn't find it and loaded
    the default one instead and possibly overwrote the users's existing
    profile with a default one. We're hoping obviously that it hasn't
    overwritten their My Documents folders on the hard drives of their
    laptops as well.

    The big question is why Windows should suddenly decide that the local
    profile, which it's been previously told to use, should become roaming
    again. Obviously it's got something to do with the new server, but how
    can a server override a local setting, and I'm pointing out to you that
    Samba doesn't have GPOs or any means of configuring Windows remotely
    except NT4 style policy files.

    I'm heading down to the site this morning, the whole thing at the moment
    is a total mystery to me.
    SchoolTech, Feb 13, 2005
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  2. SchoolTech wrote:
    *snip* ouch.
    dunno... ring the support number for the software you have.
    Dave -, Feb 13, 2005
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  3. SchoolTech

    thing Guest

    The previous company I worked for could not get roaming profiles to work
    reliably, just tooooooooooo buggy.

    If you give the server permissions to do things....well it does them.....


    thing, Feb 13, 2005
  4. SchoolTech

    AD. Guest

    Are you sure you actually want Roaming Profiles?

    It sounds more like you just want cached credentials and offline files.
    The cached credentials should be enabled by default anyway.

    Roaming Profiles are for when staff want to log on to different machines
    using the same profile, rather than using the same machine offline.

    As for getting them working, it quite easy to get them kinda/mostly
    working. But getting them working solidly is difficult and requires a lot
    of testing and tweaking, and most people give up. Depending on the
    specific network and user/application mix it can be next to impossible.

    As for the new Samba server, what is it's role? Has it replaced a Windows
    server or is it just an additional server? Is it an AD member, a NT4 style
    PDC, standalone fileserver etc?

    Samba does have some documentation about supporting roaming profiles. No I
    haven't actually read it ;)
    AD., Feb 13, 2005
  5. SchoolTech

    SchoolTech Guest

    As I was heading in the word SID popped into my head, hmm I wonder...

    We had a new server put in, and the tech had just got around to
    migrating users to it, and because it was running a later version of
    Samba he decided to make it the new PDC, with the old server running in
    the background as it were. Well, Windows looks at the SIDs it's getting
    for the domain controller and the users, sees they are different and
    refuses the user profile.

    Every user of a WinXP machine was affected, not just lappies.

    After a lot of work migrating sids and stuff for users Windows was
    persuaded to create new user profiles and we migrated people's stuff to it.
    SchoolTech, Feb 14, 2005
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