Windows Vista Home (premium) Recovery Disk

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by twfsa, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. twfsa

    twfsa Guest

    I was about to create the one time only Vista Recovery disk, when I
    attempted that, I was informed that I may need as many as ..16 4.7GB, CD
    disk or, 3.. (4.7GB) DVD disk. Is this for real?

    When I did this for Windows XP home only 2 CD's were required.
    twfsa, Jan 17, 2009
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  2. twfsa

    sandy58 Guest

    Who was your "informant"? :)
    sandy58, Jan 17, 2009
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  3. twfsa

    twfsa Guest

    Well I went to start. all programs, create a recovery disk.

    Who was your "informant"? :)
    twfsa, Jan 17, 2009
  4. twfsa

    Nightmare Guest

    I've recently created the One Time Recovery Discs,and I've got the same
    message BUT if you read the manual for your computer there should be
    specified the 10 discs required is only usual CD's with 700 MB storage.
    When I created my Recovery Discs it only needed 2 DVDs,and it is the same
    Vista too the 32-bit Premium

    My suggestion is you go thrue the users manual and all other info following
    the computer,but 10 discs,nope,only 2 4.7 GB DVDs is needed.
    Nightmare, Jan 30, 2009
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