Windows Small Business Server 2003

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Hollywood0728, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. I have a SBS 2003 server....Can this all in one server be domoted from a DC
    and put on the network as a member server? It would be the only SBS 2003
    server on my domain.
    Hollywood0728, Sep 10, 2008
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  2. Hollywood0728

    PAJ Guest

    Are you writing a book?
    PAJ, Sep 10, 2008
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  3. Hollywood0728

    Kline Sphere Guest


    Have you ever come across the term RTFM?

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    Kline Sphere, Sep 10, 2008
  4. Hollywood0728

    Kline Sphere Guest

    I have a SBS 2003 server....Can this all in one server be domoted from a DC
    there is only the one book, the good book.


    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    Kline Sphere, Sep 10, 2008
  5. Hollywood0728

    PAJ Guest

    Rolling on the Floor Masturb4at1ng?
    PAJ, Sep 10, 2008
  6. Hollywood0728

    kpg Guest

    TMMM, I mean TMML
    kpg, Sep 10, 2008
  7. Hollywood0728

    catwalker63 Guest

    You're joking, right?
    catwalker63, Sep 10, 2008
  8. I know the answer is NO and by the comment you have made, I can only guess
    your answer is NO, but my boss thinks its possible, his thinking is that
    microsoft would never put themselves in a position to make one of their
    products not work with MS technology anyway you want it to work.....Is that
    anywhere in MS documentation so I tell my boss he's a jackass for thinking
    Hollywood0728, Sep 10, 2008
  9. Hollywood0728

    catwalker63 Guest

    I Googled "limitations of SBS server" and got this as one of the links.
    Look at the Issues to Consider in the article.

    Think you can handle the rest of the research yourself?
    catwalker63, Sep 11, 2008
  10. Hollywood0728

    John R Guest

    I personally love the part about it shutting itself down every hour or so if
    you transfer certain roles off it. LMAO.

    But, when you think about it, that's not unlike most of their software.

    John R
    John R, Sep 11, 2008
  11. Note to Self:

    SBS sucks!
    NEVER buy a company with SBS and plan to intergrate them with your main
    Hollywood0728, Sep 11, 2008
  12. Hollywood0728

    kpg Guest

    kpg, Sep 11, 2008
  13. Hollywood0728

    Montreal_MCT Guest

    The answer is no, and there are no exceptions. Small Business Server is not
    licensed to be either a member server or a standalone server. It must in
    all cases:
    - be the master domain controller
    - hold all 5 Operations Master (FSMO) roles

    It can NEVER be demoted.

    Montreal_MCT, Sep 14, 2008
  14. Hollywood0728

    Montreal_MCT Guest

    Note to Hollywood: SBS does not suck, but there are issues that are resolved
    by asking the right questions.

    Montreal_MCT, Sep 14, 2008
  15. Hollywood0728

    Alex Guest

    hi, I had a problem, with sbs 2003, and I did it easy, I migrated the roles,
    and shutdown the sbs 2003 to be formated, you don't have many options about
    that. sbs 2003 is a good solution, but to company that haven't been thinking
    in scale his environment.
    Alex, Oct 9, 2008
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