Windows server SBS cost less then Windows Server 2003

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Steve Benson, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Steve Benson

    Steve Benson Guest

    Why does windows SBS cost less on the Dell web site when customizing?
    I thought that SBS had more bells and whistles ?
    Steve Benson, Aug 25, 2005
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  2. Steve Benson

    Plato Guest

    Its based on the Supply and Demand curve.
    Plato, Aug 25, 2005
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  3. Steve Benson

    FML Guest

    SBS is designed for small businesses. It has limits on the number of
    CPUs, users, etc. WS2003 will scale up to enterprise size. That's it in
    a nutshell.
    FML, Aug 25, 2005
  4. Also, you can't have more than one SBS DC on a domain. If you want
    another DC on your domain, it will have to be Windows Server 2000/2003.
    cyberwasteland, Aug 25, 2005
  5. Steve Benson

    cluedweasel Guest

    SBs only allows one DC per domain. Also, the AD is limited ot 75
    users, 2 processors (4 in 2003 standard), no domain trusts, no TS in
    application mode and a load of other techy server things. if you're
    running a small business that you're not expecting to grow and your
    server based apps are happy to run on a DC then SBS is a good deal.
    Otherwise, go for the sepreate components. It will save you some
    headaches down the road.
    cluedweasel, Aug 26, 2005
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