Windows Server 2003 Env. Training Kit - Install problems

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by maryb94583, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. maryb94583

    maryb94583 Guest

    Can someone please direct me to a forum that can help me get the Windows
    Server 2003 installed following Chapter-1's instructions in the Windows
    Server 2003 Environment Training Kit book?

    I'm stuck with two problems:
    1. After installing I cannot get the network card to connect to the
    network. It sees the network (my router), asks for the pin, but after
    supplying the pin it simply will not connect. It just gives up.
    2. Pg 1-22, Chapter 1, Exercise 3, point 7: We make it all the way through
    the Adding a Role, selecting Active Directory, specifying a new forest,
    specifying the "fully qualified domain name" as, and verifying
    the NetBIOS Domain Name reads CONTOSO ... but this is where it goes south.
    It starts asking questions about static IP addresses, installing your own DNS
    server as it cannot find the nameserver ...

    It's been 4 full days of uninstalling, reinstalling from scratch, trying
    like crazy to find some help ... I'd really, really like to get through
    chapter 1!

    Thanks for any pointers you can give me.

    maryb94583, Oct 8, 2009
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  2. maryb94583

    Chris M Guest

    No idea what you mean about the 'pin'. Usually you'll get an IP address
    assigned from your router via DHCP. However, you won't want to do this -
    you'll need to assign it a static IP address that is valid on your
    network - see below.
    Active Directory cannot exist without DNS. If you're just setting up a
    test AD forest for yourself, usually what you'll do is allow the Active
    Directory installation wizard to configure the DNS service automatically
    on your server. However, in order to be a DNS server, your server needs
    to be configured with a static IP address, and we're back to my first
    paragraph above.
    Before you can go any further with your setup, you'll need to get your
    server configured with a valid static IP address on your internal network.

    It sounds like you're very new to the world of Active Directory, and
    indeed IP addressing. Nothing beats some good hands-on experience - do
    you have any experienced friends or colleagues who might be able to show
    you how to configure a new AD forest and help you configure an IP
    address on your server?

    Good luck!
    Chris M, Oct 8, 2009
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  3. maryb94583

    MikeyT007 Guest

    You could always use the IP address of for the IP in the question.
    That's the internal loop-back.

    MikeyT007, Nov 13, 2009
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