Windows security error occur

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by v2brothers, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. v2brothers

    v2brothers Guest

    I use windows 98 on my pc. One day when I start my pc, after windows
    starting splash screen give error message *windows security error
    occurs for safety please reboot your system*.pc also hang by showing
    this message. What is this reason and can any one help me.
    v2brothers, Aug 16, 2007
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  2. v2brothers

    ded Guest

    LOL. You're not for real, you're a fake are you not?
    You continually post with obviously contrived problems, claiming you're in
    India and that your English is not good etc, but it's all fabrication isn't
    Here you've started two seperate threads about the same PC, this thread
    about the now unsupported Win98 - no updates, no patches, no support
    from MS etc, and claim Windows98 has produced an error message that
    it is not possible for 98 to produce! 40 mins later you start a thread
    about the HDD "cracking", totally unrelated huh, just like all your posts.

    Are you that Nun in the Sisters of mercy convent in Cincinati, are you doing
    a mature student PHD in usenet behaviour?
    Anyway, after all the "problems" you've posted, I for one do not believe a
    single word you type, but good luck to you.
    ded, Aug 16, 2007
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