Windows Media Player stopped playing DVDs, please help

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Phisherman, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Phisherman

    Phisherman Guest

    I uninstalled 1Click DVD and now Windows Media Player refuses to play
    DVD movies. I get the following error when I put a DVD in the drive:

    Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a problem occurred
    with digital copyright protection.

    However, I can play the movie using InterVideo Home Theater. As
    stated in the Windows troubleshooter, I rebooted, updated my video
    drivers, and I installed XP Codec Pack 1.3.3. But Windows Media
    Player refuses to play movies. Windows Media Player will
    play mp3s just fine. Anyone know how I can get Media Player to play
    DVDs again? TIA

    I found out the DVD decoders on my PC
    running "dvdupsrd /detect" shows the following:

    Dshow SW:
    Name: ""
    Company Name:"Moonlight Cordless Ltd"
    CRC32: 0xcad2050e

    W2k Upgrade=no
    Win9x Upgrade=no
    Phisherman, Mar 28, 2006
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