Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by terrihemara, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest

    To all that are out there,

    Greetings from my humble abode in Hastings N.Z. I have a dillema with a
    PC I am hoping to salvage from ending up in the graveyard of PC's

    OS - Windows ME, Powers on OK, one beep
    No Picture.
    Have tested 3 other video cards that work ok in other PC's, still no
    Have tested PSU with multimeter works ok
    Attached another PSU, tested, works ok
    Tested RAM ok
    Tested Hard Drive on another PC, slow,(what does one expect with
    Windows ME!!!) starts in safe mode, no mouse detected, suspect it may
    have virus, not sure???

    Anyone out there with any further suggestions, would be greatly

    terrihemara, Sep 9, 2005
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  2. terrihemara

    Someone Guest

    Are you sure the monitor actually works? Have you tried it on another

    Someone, Sep 9, 2005
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  3. I suspect the term "hard drive" referred to the entire box, and, if
    so, the monitor is suspect.

    Tom MacIntyre, Sep 9, 2005
  4. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest

    Thanks for the reply, I did not consider that this may contribute to
    the problem i am having. i will discuss with my Tech tutor and see what
    he advises.
    Hey Rich,

    thanks for the reply, Yes i have tried it on another PC and the monitor
    is working ok.
    terrihemara, Sep 11, 2005
  5. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest

    hey tom,

    thanks for your reply, no the hard drive i referred to was the hard
    disks drive, not the system unit, and I have tested the monitor on
    another pc and it works ok.
    terrihemara, Sep 11, 2005
  6. mistake. :)

    Tom MacIntyre, Sep 12, 2005
  7. Hmmm...testing a Windows setup in a different computer means that
    Windows does not get the hardware setup it is expecting.

    Tom MacIntyre, Sep 12, 2005
  8. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest

    Thanks again for your reply
    I connected it to another PC as the slave, it did detect all the
    hardware from the system that i had connected it to, but as it was one
    of the technical pcs that we use for workshops and it does not have a
    virus detector installed so couldn't tell me if my hard disk drive had
    a virus or not. I am hesitant to connect to other PC as the slave
    incase it does some serious damage to the operating system.
    If i am not able to save the entire PC I would like to salvage the hard
    disks drive if possible. i have been advised by my tutor that it is
    worth trying to save.
    terrihemara, Sep 12, 2005
  9. Had this problem once: See if my solution works for you: Mine was
    trying to use a screen resolution the monitor could not display. So it
    would work with another (17") monitor, but not with a 15". So I put a
    17" back on it, and changed the res to 600x480 and then put the 15"
    back on. UNLESS: does it not show ANYTHING during boot? No
    diagnostics? If no diagnostics are shown during boot, I would
    generally hand the system over to an A+ (which would be the wife) and
    walk away. I generally only take over once the Bill Gates operating
    system kicks in. Hope I was helpful.
    William Conley, Sep 15, 2005
  10. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest


    thanks for your reply, after very little sleep and a lot of hair
    pulling i have realised that it may be my motherboard that is faulty
    and not my video as originally, alas, that assumption may be incorrect
    as well,as it only beeps once when powered on , obviously the
    motherboard or video cannot be faulty because

    a) there would be more than one short beep when powered on
    b) everything has been tested on another pc, xcept the motherboard and
    works ok xcept the hard drive which starts in safe mode, with no mouse
    appearing on the screen

    i have discussed this at length with people in the industry and been
    recently been told that i may have a driver conflict somwhere

    i realise that this may be an obvious or easy problem to solve for
    those of you who doing the A+ but it's all a learning experience and i
    appreciate all the advise i can get.

    all suggestions and opinions to this diagnosis welcolme.

    terrihemara, Sep 16, 2005

  11. Strange thing is that I tried that, and the system would revert to the
    higher mode upon reboot to normal mode, I'm not sure if that was
    normal, or not, since I long ago abandoned troubleshooting WinME and
    opted for upgrading. Also, that particular OS was ghosted onto those
    machines, and the ghost image was in place before I arrived. I have no
    idea what all was installed in it. I generally had to put out the
    brush fire and move on. Remember, also that this was three years ago,
    in a life far away.
    William Conley, Sep 16, 2005
  12. I doubt driver issue, unless it boots properly in Safe Mode. But you
    may have hardware conflicts. Have you tried removing all extra cards
    from this system? Also I have had issues over the years with specific
    items on the motherboard failing, and sometimes interfering with other
    items. If you can disable any hardware (video, mouse, especially) on
    the motherboard in favor of installed cards, that may help.

    Mostly I would like to know if you get ANY video during BIOS. BIOS
    loads BEFORE drivers. If you get black screen at BIOS, you need to go
    in one direction, if you have video during BIOS you have a completely
    different direction to look.
    William Conley, Sep 16, 2005
  13. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest

    thankyou for your reply,

    thus so far i have managed to get video and into the bios screen,
    however it freezes up during the post test.

    it detects the hard drive as the primary master and the cd rom drive as
    the secondary master (i set them to this) then it freezes on the next
    screen during post.

    i have removed any extra cards and just have the video card installed.
    terrihemara, Sep 18, 2005
  14. Ahh. So actually there may be nothing wrong with your video, but your
    system is freezing at this point. The video is merely reflecting what
    is truly happening. Perhaps. "It then freezes" requires more in-depth
    description. I could assume that you mean the screen, or that you mean
    the entire computer. I'm going to guess the fan is still running.

    On the other hand, it could be many components. Exactly where the
    system "dies" is a good question.

    *Can you get into the "System Bios" by pushing delete at the boot

    *Where exactly does this system "die" and what do you mean by "die"?

    * Does the hard drive continue to function, as if being read/written
    during the boot of an OS, or does it turn off or just humm steadily?

    * Have you tried booting from a floppy?

    *What is the last item shown on the screen before "death"?

    *Does the screen go blank at the moment of death?

    PS: on my own computer i'd probably be checking the memory at this
    point (take out half, attempt a boot, take out the other half and
    replace the first half, try again) Right after the "boot from a
    floppy" thing. If, indeed, I can get into the system bios, even if the
    memory tests OK. just a thought.
    William Conley, Sep 19, 2005
  15. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest

    Thanks for the reply

    The screen it freezes on is the "verifying dmi pool data" screen

    Yes i can get into the system bios from pushing the delete button at
    the boot screen

    The drive is trying to do something but then stops and humms

    i have tried booting from a floppy with little sucess

    the verifying dmi pool data screen begins, then stops dead in it's
    tracks and won't go any further and just freezes
    terrihemara, Sep 19, 2005
  16. terrihemara

    terrihemara Guest


    The website that you referred to me helped to rescue my old pc from the
    graveyard. i am very grateful for the advice and sharing of knowledge.

    i followed the instructions and it worked. I reinstalled Windows 98 on
    it instead of Me, as we all know that Me can be a headache that we
    don't need. The coolest thing is, repairing the old pc with all of your
    help is part of my course and is just one of the first steps towards me
    becoming a certified and qualified tech.

    Thanks again, i really appreciate all the advise and help i got from
    out there.

    I sincerely hope that i will be able to help another struggling student
    sometime in the near future.
    terrihemara, Sep 21, 2005
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