Windows Hover ???

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by NRLMASS, Jun 7, 2008.


    NRLMASS Guest


    I still play the old Windows 95 game called Hover.
    The game goes from computer to computer.
    Will the game work on Vista Business x64?
    It would be awesome if Microsoft would update the program.

    NRLMASS, Jun 7, 2008
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  2. If it contains any 16bit code, including the installer, it will not run on a
    64bit OS. However, it will run in a virtual machine using any of the legacy
    operating systems that it has run on in a physical computer. If you have an
    old Windows cd you can create a virtual machine using VPC 2007 (free
    download from MS), install the legacy Windows, and then install the program.
    Folks who do this sort of thing hang out in the microsoft.public.virtualpc
    newsgroup. Windows licensing rules apply.
    Be sure to use the version for x64.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 8, 2008
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    NRLMASS Guest

    Thanks, I'll check that out.

    NRLMASS, Jun 8, 2008

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> "Colin
    The 16-bit installer itself may not run, but Microsoft has done some
    hackery to use an equivalent 32-bit version in some cases.
    DevilsPGD, Jun 8, 2008
  5. Where do you find any "hackery" in your reference?

    All I find is the same information that has been out for a
    long time - if you need to run a 16-bit installer and/or
    program, you will need to do it on version of Windows that
    supports it.

    There's NO "hackery" to this, it just plain facts!
    Bobby Johnson, Jun 8, 2008

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <#V67#> Bobby Johnson
    The following quote is what I call "hackery";

    | However, these 64-bit versions of Windows may recognize
    | some 16-bit installers and automatically convert the
    | 16-bit installer to a 32-bit installer.

    Specifically, some 32-bit programs with 16-bit installers *will*
    successfully install on 64-bit versions of Windows as Windows recognizes
    the 16-bit code and swaps it out for compatible 32-bit code.
    DevilsPGD, Jun 8, 2008
  7. It can't be "hackery" if it's something Microsoft did. It
    can ONLY be "hackery" is someone else "hacks" the code" to
    do something.

    The capability for it to "swap out" 16-bit for 32-bit
    installer probably has something to do with switches in the
    compiler, not "hackery."

    It deffinitely doesn't meet the criteria according to the
    definition: Hack has several meanings in the technology and
    computer science fields. It may refer to a clever or quick
    fix to a computer program problem, or to a clumsy or
    inelegant solution to a problem.

    It's neither of the above.
    Bobby Johnson, Jun 8, 2008

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> Bobby Johnson
    From the looks of it, this would be Microsoft hacking other company's
    installers to continue to work.
    Switches in the compiler? You do realize we're talking about 16-bit
    installers that were likely compiled years ago, right?
    DevilsPGD, Jun 9, 2008

    NRLMASS Guest

    Hi, someone posted a link to download the Hover game. I do not know why it
    was removed. Can someone give me the link again? My computer crashed and I
    need to download it again. Thanks, Norm
    NRLMASS, Jun 20, 2008
  10. Did you try searching the internet? You can usually find
    just about everything by doing an internet search.
    Bobby Johnson, Jun 20, 2008
  11. Actually, it is on the Win95 cd.

    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 20, 2008

    NRLMASS Guest

    Yea, I found it about 15 minutes ago.

    This is where it can be found:!

    Thanks again,


    NRLMASS, Jun 20, 2008

    NRLMASS Guest

    I do not have the CD anymore. I have been moving the game from computer to
    computer for years. My computer crashed last weekend and my new one is not
    coming in until the end of next week. I just found it by searching the web.
    Thanks again, Norm
    NRLMASS, Jun 20, 2008
  14. I saw the article in looking for you, but didn't notice that they linked the
    game. Good job.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 21, 2008
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