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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Collector»NZ, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Collector»NZ, Mar 10, 2007
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  2. Picking up a new hard drive on Monday to test this more thoroughly.

    I'm yet to be convinced it is a product we need. My brother is
    interested in the backup features, and they sound cool, but I am
    primarily interested in storage volume rather than historical backups.
    Why I would want this instead of a free alternative like FreeNAS, I'm
    not yet sure.

    The Other Guy
    The Other Guy, Mar 10, 2007
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  3. Collector»NZ

    Richard Guest

    I was all interested and thought that it may be a slimmed down version
    of SBS or something useful.

    Looks like its pretty much useless to me.
    Richard, Mar 10, 2007
  4. It has a huge market potential for a lot of non geek home users, depends on how
    well the intergration works. True it is not a genuine server, but that doesnt
    make it useless just less suited to your purpose. Horses for courses
    Collector»NZ, Mar 10, 2007
  5. Collector»NZ

    Blue Guest

    Its from MicroSoft. Must be the thing to have eh?

    Ms Penguin is on the far horizon and moving away. MS is trying to catch

    Linux comes in so many variations you can find one to do want you want it

    FreeNAS has yet to reach version one, and yet it works fine.
    Blue, Mar 10, 2007
  6. Well it may, but does it stream media, does it work seamlessly with MS OS's,
    hey what ever takes your fancy but for me this time it is test and try WHS. Not
    many of the knockers of MS (And I am One) can actually say they have taken the
    time to test out some of these MS products.
    Collector»NZ, Mar 10, 2007
  7. I access media off it, does that count?

    Actually FreeNAS works easily with Windows networks as it supports SMB
    on install. Blue, FreeNAS is FreeBSD based, not Linux based. There is a
    Linux NAS distribution called Open Filer, but unfortunately this
    requires more disk space for the basic setup than FreeNAS, and I only
    want to use a minimal system disk. Currently I use an old 600MB drive
    for this, but FreeNAS is small enough for installation on small flash
    disks, not so Open Filer.

    The Other Guy
    The Other Guy, Mar 10, 2007
  8. Collector»NZ

    Richard Guest

    I got as far as, will this work with a domain?
    Richard, Mar 10, 2007
  9. Sort of counts, I am sort of impressed with WHS Beta two, it is effective at
    what it sets out to achieve. I feel they have targeted well as the average home
    user who has a small network will be able to install configure and use it
    including its media sharing/stream, computer backups etc.
    Collector»NZ, Mar 10, 2007
  10. Domain users are not the target market, ie you are not the target market,
    workgroup users are the target market and it is very well targeted.
    Collector»NZ, Mar 10, 2007
  11. Collector»NZ

    bAZZ Guest

    Heh, a thread I was gonna post (kinda) myself :)

    I am about to fire up some spare hardware and do the beta testing too
    this week. It looks good for it's targeted market but can't really
    comment till I get it up and running.

    What did interest me was the freeNAS alternative. I downloaded the iso
    last week and am about to have a play. I was going to setup and old box
    and chuck in few hundred gig of HDD real estate and use it for serving
    up media around house. Then someone mentioned the hardware option.
    Instead of a seperate PC why not get a NAS external case ( between 90.00
    and upwards) throw in some drives and chuck it on router. Easy peasy.

    SO, anyone used the external cases. I see some are standalone DHCP
    servers/tcp etc and others need drivers on machines connecting to them
    so tied to the manufacturers product. I tend to go with OS independant
    and not some propritry solution but welcome any comments/advice.

    I quite like the netgear stuff and seems cheap enough too.

    If you try me, you'll buy me
    If you buy me, you'll use me
    If you use me, you'll abuse me
    If you abuse me, I'll own you.
    bAZZ, Mar 11, 2007
  12. Collector»NZ

    whoisthis Guest

    Looked at Apples 802.11n wireless base station ?
    You can throw a USB drive onto it for shared storage and share USB

    Works with Windows/Mac
    whoisthis, Mar 13, 2007
  13. Collector»NZ

    bAZZ Guest

    I'll check it out. Thanks.
    If you try me, you'll buy me
    If you buy me, you'll use me
    If you use me, you'll abuse me
    If you abuse me, I'll own you.
    bAZZ, Mar 13, 2007
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