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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Guest Guest

    Hello. I'm getting very frustrated studying for the C# Windows exam

    I'm using both the Microsoft MCSD.NET core textbook pack and the deluxe Transcender MCSD kit. I completed the Microsoft MCSD prep text, and now I'm using the quiz/flashcard/sample exams from both kits

    The problem that I'm encountering is that both exams appear to ask about material that's NOT in Microsoft's prep test kit - I've encountered many questions about
    * Panel control
    * ToolBar control
    * XML validatio
    * XML elements and node
    * COM+ component
    * Authenticode signature
    * RegAsm and RegSvr3
    * Packaging issues, like .MSI vs. .CAB, and merge modules (*LOTS* of merge module stuff in Transcender

    All of these topics are covered not at all, or at most very sketchily, in the Microsoft prep text. Transcender is far worse about this, but even the Microsoft sample questions cover more than is the text. As a result, my sample test scores consistently suck (~60%.

    So here are my questions

    1) Is anyone else who's using these same materials encountering this same problem

    2) How closely should I stick by the set of material covered in the 316 exam review text? Should I not focus heavily on the extra stuff in the Transcender kit, or should I spend lots of extra time trying to pick up as much as possible

    3) Are ALL the exams like this, or is it just that this Windows exam is unusually broad

    Thanks in advance

    David Stei
    Guest, Feb 23, 2004
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  2. Guest

    Eric Guest

    Please stay away from the flashcards! I've never seen any of them that
    were any good.

    Transcender is good, but not their flash cards!
    You can guess at our reply to this. You'll see a lot of postings here
    that advise you not to put too much emphasis on the MS study materials.
    It isn't transcender who is bad. Their questions are faily good (aside
    form the flashcards).
    common problem
    If you get to the point where transcender is easy for you, you can feel
    confident in going for the test. Your transcender score should be in
    the hiogh 90's on all 3 tests. You are NOT going to see all of the same
    questions on the MS test, but you should have a decent thought process
    if you use Transcenders.
    All are similar in that:
    1) they are hard
    2) the MS study guides are not very complete. Of course, if you study
    all of MSDN you're sure to pass!
    3) if you're not able to study all of MSDN, try the Gundleroy books
    (VB.NET), or the Kalani books (C#).
    Eric, Feb 23, 2004
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