Windows 7 x64 discards key of manual-connect wireless network?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Robert Carnegie: Fnord: cc [email protected], Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hi, I don't know if this way of working is prudent, but up to now I've
    run PCs on a home wireless network, with quite a stiff (long) WAP
    connection key, /and/ set to connect to the network only when I tell
    them to.

    Well, it seems that Windows XP and Vista will remember my network's
    key long term, but the new Windows 7 x64 machine apparently will
    remember the key if, but only if, connection to the network is set to
    "automatic", which I assume means "as soon as PC is switched on and/or
    user logs in to desktop".

    I suppose that the desktop security level could be a factor.

    Also my designation of the network as a "public network", which seems
    to be the only alternative to "workplace network and I trust every
    computer that uses it to NEVER send me a virus or anything like that"
    or "Home network and I trust every computer that uses it likewise".
    It IS my home network but that doesn't mean that it isn't out to get

    I would prefer to log into the network only when I say so.

    Is this expected behaviour of Windows 7? And is it correct? Is there
    a workaround, I'm thinking maybe "QR code of the password + webcam".
    Or, write a script.

    When I tried to Google the issue, I found someone complaining that his
    administrator users get to click a box and see the existing network
    key, and I see his point of view, although if they couldn't see the
    key that way then they probably could install a minuscule hacking
    program that does. After all, Windows must dig it up from somewhere
    to use it to connect. Apparently the users in that company are
    administrators specifically to allow them to install new software.
    Robert Carnegie: Fnord: cc [email protected], Feb 6, 2011
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