Windows 7 Professional 64bit + Windows XP Mode 32bit: can I run 32-bitapplications with no 64-bit dr

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Dan, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Dan

    Dan Guest


    Short question: Can I run 32-bit applications in Windows 7
    professional's Windows XP Mode, even if there is no 64-bit driver
    available? Does this actually mean that if an application ever ran in
    Windows XP, there is absolutely no doubt that it will run on Windows 7
    (either on Windows 7 64bit, or in the Windows XP Mode)?

    I try to figure out if I can recommend a client to go to Windows 7
    Professional in 64bit version, while he still has some older software
    that might or might not have 64bit drivers.

    The way I understand Windows XP mode is that it is running in a 32bit
    Virtual PC. So, the issue of not having 64bit drivers for a certain
    application is not really a problem, right? I just set the application
    up to run in Windoes XP Mode. The application would appear to run like
    any other native 64-bit application. Correct?
    How difficult is this to set up? If I install a 32-bit application, will
    it give me the option to have it setup in Windows XP Mode? Or are there
    additional configuration steps necessary?

    I've never seen this in Windoes 7 so far (in that sense, I'm a newbie).
    I played around with VMWare on XP and Vista(also Windows 2003 server and
    2008 server), and it has similar features. Though I have to install the
    applications on the VMWare guest and then configure it to run as window
    on the host. Kind of complicated for my client.

    The clients environment includes applications that are pretty localized
    to the Swiss market. At least, none of them can be found in teh Windows
    7 compatibility center.

    thanks for any pointer.

    Dan, Dec 14, 2009
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  2. Dan

    Carlos Guest

    32-bit applications installers will point to Windows 7 x64 without offering
    you the choice of XP mode.
    You have to install 32-bit apps inside the Virtual Machine (boot into
    virtual xp and then install).
    From my experience, some apps "publish" themselves in Windows 7 menues while
    others not.
    Those that publish themselves "out" of the VM can be run from Windows 7
    without launching the VM.
    Please note that Windows XP mode runs only in 16-bit color by design (no
    24-bit or 32-bit).
    Carlos, Dec 14, 2009
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  3. XP Mode runs in virtual hardware and only has access to USB and COM, but
    not parallel, ports. It is useful for legacy applications which need
    access to USB and serial port peripherals for which there are no 64-bit
    drivers. If the application needs access to some other type of
    peripheral it will not help.

    XP Mode also needed if you have older programs with 16-bit components,
    because there is no 16-bit sub-system in any 64-bit Windows.

    Eventually, old programs will not work on new systems. A major upgrade
    such as the transition to Windows 7 is an occasion to find exactly what
    any program you are running needs, and to plan for its upgrade or
    replacement in due course.
    Dominic Payer, Dec 14, 2009
  4. Carlos,

    If the programs installed in XP Mode do not publish automatically, make sure
    that the programs shortcuts are in the All Users/Start Menu/Programs folder.
    I have had to manually move them over from my personal account for some
    programs that were designed for Win95/98.
    Richard Urban, Dec 15, 2009
  5. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Thanks everybody who answered. You all gave me important input.
    With those hints I was able to dig deeper into the documentation found
    on the internet. I concluded that I will first test Windows 7 64bit over
    a time. I will recommend the client to go with 32bit until I have more
    practical experience.

    Thanks again
    Dan, Dec 15, 2009
  6. Dan

    Carlos Guest

    Thanks for the tip!

    Carlos, Dec 15, 2009
  7. Dan

    RICHYIII Guest

    I have a question regarding Windows Virtual Machine: Win XP mode:
    I have a 32 bit application (Corsix Mod Studio) that ran fine in 32 bit
    Vista. I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (halaluia) 64 bit. Now
    i get an error that files are missing when i start Corsix Mod Studio. If i
    install XP mode 32 bit with Windows Virtual Machine, will I be able to use
    this program again???


    RICHYIII, Jan 3, 2010
  8. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I did some testing in teh meantime and I have, so far, not found any
    software that would not run in Win XP Mode (if it worked fine in XP before).

    The only issue I've had was that Win XP Mode would not get an IP address
    from my DHCP server. I finally gave up and assigned a fixed address.

    Dan, Jan 3, 2010
  9. You should be able to use Virtual XP to run the program.

    Most of the time when you get errors that files are missing when running
    an older program on 64-bit Windows it's because the program is looking
    for it's support files and they're not where the program is looking for
    Bobby Johnson, Jan 4, 2010
  10. Dan

    RobotBrian Guest

    RobotBrian, Feb 21, 2010
  11. Dan

    RobotBrian Guest

    Has anyone tried this with serial communications on hardware?

    I regularly connect RS-232 to PLC's and various serial interfaces, and was
    hoping this was a good workaround instead of getting the 32bit Win7.

    RobotBrian, Feb 21, 2010
  12. Bobby Johnson, Feb 22, 2010
  13. Dan

    Lock_1 Guest

    I loaded RSLogix 5000 and RSLogix 5 today and both will run fine in XP Mode.
    I am trying to borrow some hardware to see if I can set up the PLC
    communications. Once I test that I will post my finding here.

    btw...I could get both RSLogix software packages to run on Windows 7 during
    the trial period but I could not get the activation software to run,
    therefore I wasn't able to run either package in Windows 7.
    Lock_1, Apr 8, 2010
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