Windows 7 Not Letting me connect to Wireless

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Tom Bell, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Guest

    Hello i need help urgently!!!

    I have an HP (DV6 2120-TX) laptop running windows 7 home premium with
    a Broadcom 43225 802.11 b/g/n network adapter. For some reason about a
    month ago it decided to have a mind of its own and will only connect
    to the internet when it wants to. It takes sometimes as many as 30
    manual attempts after being shut down or coming out of sleep mode.
    Once the computer has started, it usually does not auto connect, so i
    manually have to connect and it usually say "Windows was unable to
    connect to" whatever WiFi i am trying to connect to. So i click cancel
    and try again until it does connect. Like i say this can be anywhere
    between 10 to 30 attempts. It is not isolated to any one WiFi hot
    spot, and we have other computers connect to these hot spots without
    any problems!!!

    So far i have made sure the network and BIOS drivers are all up to
    date, windows is up to date, the required services are running and so
    on!!! I have also reinstalled the network driver several time but to
    no prevail!!!

    I am desperately seeking an answer for this as i am going overseas
    soon and am going to rely heavily on my internet. I would send it back
    to get fixed under warranty but unfortunately they said it could take
    2 weeks to get back, in which case i will be over seas by then.

    Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance,

    Tom Bell

    PS Should also be noted that i am running Norton 360
    Tom Bell, Apr 19, 2011
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  2. Tom Bell

    Brian Cryer Guest

    Whilst it sounds like a hardware or driver issue (I know you've said you've
    got the latest drivers):

    1. Going over old ground, but you did check that you are running the latest
    drivers for your wifi card by going to the manufacturer's website (not
    windows update nor HP but the manufacturer of the wifi card).

    2. Download inSSIDer from and use
    that to see what wireless networks you can see - specifically on the "2.4GHz
    Channels". The advantage of inSSIDer is the display shows you which channels
    are in use and what is overlapping and that interfering with what. If by
    chance the wifi you are trying to connect with is on a channel which is
    conjested then that might be the problem - even though some other devices
    manage to connect.

    3. Try an external USB wifi device. At the very least that should cover you
    whilst you are abroad and then you can send it back for repair once you get

    Hope this helps.
    Brian Cryer, Apr 20, 2011
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  3. Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Guest

    Hello Brian,

    The Problem i have is that the Broadcom website is very difficult to
    use and i am struggling to find where i can download my driver from
    for my Broadcom 43225 b/g/n network adapter. The only place i can
    download drivers from for the specific adapter is the HP website,
    although the driver is over a year old!!!

    I will try downloading your program now!!! If all else fails then i
    might have to get that USB adapter, i did not think of that so thanks
    very much,


    Tom Bell
    Tom Bell, Apr 21, 2011
  4. Tom Bell

    Brian Cryer Guest

    I agree that its difficult (impossible?) to find on the Broadcom website.
    That the driver you are using is over a year old isn't significant - it
    might still be the latest.

    That said, the latest driver I could find is less than a year old -
    Version 5.60.350.11, released 2010-08-05.
    The program won't solve the problem, but might give you a clue as to whether
    its caused by different wifi's interfering with each other. If it is then
    try moving the channel you are using to a vacant channel (which you will
    need to do at the router).
    Brian Cryer, Apr 21, 2011
  5. Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Guest

    Have downloaded the latest driver but still the same problem. Also
    tried using the program use suggested and i can see no interferance,
    remembering this is the same on every wireless network i try, i have
    tried this in over 20 different networks geographically!!

    The thing that gets me is that it does connect after a while, can be
    after the 5th manual attempt, the 30th, th 40th or somewhere in
    between. Suggests to me that there must be some variable in the
    registy that changes to allow this, i just need to know which one it


    Tom Bell, Apr 22, 2011
  6. Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Guest

    Just an update, have bought a USB network adapter and it works fine,
    even when the built in Broadcom network adapter wont work. Am open to
    anymore suggestions, starting to think it is a hardware failure!!!
    Tom Bell, Apr 27, 2011
  7. Tom Bell

    Brian Cryer Guest

    Yes, I agree. At this point everything does point towards a hardware
    Brian Cryer, Apr 27, 2011
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