Windows 7 64 bit and Home Network Sharing?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Endlessknight, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Anyone know how to share a drive on Windows 7 64-bit over a home network
    with a mac? When I had XP all I have to do was turn on the sharing and the
    drive automatically appeared in finder on the mac but after upgrading I
    can't seem to get it to work.
    Endlessknight, Jan 29, 2010
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  2. Endlessknight

    Carlos Guest

    Neither Vista nor Windows 7 share whole drives any longer.
    Sharing is supported on a folder by folder basis.
    I have already got used to it.
    Carlos, Jan 29, 2010
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  3. The whole drive shares are there, but hidden. Not sure how Macs do things,
    but the share is: \\computername\C$, \\computername\D$, etc. The $ character
    ensures that the share isn't visible, but you should be able to map to it
    regardless. I do it all the time when I need to connect to something I
    haven't explicitely shared. But I don't usually leave a full drive map in
    place, just do it for long enough to grab what I need. If I intend to have
    an ongoing share, I explicitely share the folder(s) I need.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 29, 2010
  4. Endlessknight

    Carlos Guest

    Thanks for your explanation.

    Carlos, Jan 29, 2010
  5. Those hidden shares have been there since NT 3.5, by the way. And you can
    use the exact same mechanism to create your own hidden shares. Just put a $
    at the end of the share name. It can still be mapped to if you know the
    name, but you can't see it from explorer.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 29, 2010
  6. Sorry I don't think I explain the issue well. My problem is that nothing
    shows up in finder after upgrading to windows 7 64-bit, not the drives, not
    the shared folders, nothing. In windows xp as soon as I turned on sharing
    whatever I shared appeared in finder. Since the only thing that has changed
    in home network is upgrading the pc to windows 7 I know the issue must be
    there. Some setting I've over look maybe?
    Endlessknight, Jan 30, 2010
  7. Endlessknight

    Barb Bowman Guest

    On your MAC, turn on SMB Sharing in the System Prefs / Sharing / Filesharing /

    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Jan 30, 2010
  8. That lets the PC see the mac drive/folders (which I don't want). I need the
    mac to be able to see the pc (as it was with xp before upgrading)
    Endlessknight, Jan 30, 2010
  9. What version of Windows 7 64-bit do you have?

    Bobby Johnson, Jan 30, 2010
  10. Bobby Johnson, Jan 30, 2010
  11. Endlessknight, Jan 31, 2010
  12. Endlessknight

    Barb Bowman Guest

    Barb Bowman, Jan 31, 2010
  13. Thanks, I've already seen that, it didn't work for me.
    Endlessknight, Jan 31, 2010
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