Winamp is closing up shop

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Peter Huebner, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Just a heads-up for all fellow winamp users: I just got notification of
    an update being available, and when I went to their website there was a
    big red banner that winamp will shut down as of December 20th.

    Fortunately I found that the downloads are still up, but for how much
    So if you haven't updated for a long time, get your Winamp 5666 and your
    flac plugin now ....

    Peter Huebner, Dec 22, 2013
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  2. Peter Huebner

    Ralph Fox Guest

    Winamp lost its edge after AOL bought it
    Ralph Fox, Dec 23, 2013
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  3. Peter Huebner

    victor Guest

    victor, Dec 23, 2013
  4. Peter Huebner

    victor Guest

    Its worse than that.
    victor, Dec 23, 2013
  5. Peter Huebner

    Ralph Fox Guest

    AFAIK the announcement said " and associated web services".
    The commentators are writing as if "associated web services" includes
    Shoutcast, and as if the entire Nullsoft division is being shut down.
    Ralph Fox, Dec 23, 2013
  6. Peter Huebner

    Ralph Fox Guest

  7. Peter Huebner

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Thanks Peter. I just grabbed ver. 5.666, I'm currently using a much older
    version with Stereo Tool (was it you who recemmended it?).

    Which FLAC plugin do you use? My undervolted Pentium M laptop[*] (1.7Ghz
    Dothan, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD) that's running XP as a dedicated music system
    all the waking hours of the day, every day, has been fine - I'm not sure I
    need to update. However I have disk space and I'd rather get what I can when
    I can....

    [*] An Acer Travelmate 2400 that came to me as a junk machine (it had a fan
    that was O/C) that had been robbed of RAM, HDD and caddy, WiFi card and all
    covers and junked. It has a few scuff marks on the [wide]screen but
    otherwise, after a $30 fan / CPU cooler purchase from TM, works fine sitting
    in the same place for ~3 years - with one of those ~$15 large (18cm dia.)
    slow USB fans under it.

    Hmmm, I guess I may have to update Stereo Tool too...

    Currently I'm only using it to play 320 vbr mp3s but 90% of the HDD data
    partition is free and I have most of my music as FLAC files on an eHDD and
    have been thinking of using those files as my music library rather than the
    mp3s I ripped from them / my CDs. I recently upgraded the sound system that
    it feeds, now using a small 'Heath Robinson' system with Philips bi-pole
    quasi-ribbon tweeters in an MTM speaker arrangement. It's great to be able
    to hear lyrics clearly - even at moderate volumes - that have been eluding
    me for decades. <g>


    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1).
    [Sent from my OrbitalT ocular implant interface]
    ~misfit~, Dec 23, 2013
  8. Hi Shaun,
    I use Soulseek to acquire digital versions of some of my
    beloved Vinyl disks from time to time (not all that often actually -- my
    wife loves Renaissance choral music, I prefer jazz and rock and punk and
    symphonic music and never the twain shall meet) and I have noticed that
    more and more .flac format files turn up. Until recently I wasn't even
    able to play those until I got a converter utility, so the new .flac
    plugin for Winamp will come in very handy indeed. Apparently it now has
    one natively (not sure if it has to be downloaded separately, I haven't
    got around to testing the latest version yet) but that plugin I did
    download supposedly is the Winamp native one with some library
    functionality added. Ok, fine, we shall see :)

    I'm just using my good ole desktop machine, with the sound running
    through an old Pioneer amp into a couple of mid-range speakers for music
    these days, my serious audiophile days are over, hell, I'll be 60 next
    month .... need I say more. I'm sure there are aspects of "Return to
    Forever" or some of my old ECM favourites that I'll never be able to
    hear properly in their full richness again {grins}. The Nakamichi has
    died, the Revox has died ... c'est la vie.

    happy Yuletide to you, too, b.t.w, and everybody else who still lurks in
    nz.comp :)

    Peter Huebner, Dec 24, 2013
  9. Peter Huebner

    victor Guest

    It might interest you to know VLC plays flac files natively
    victor, Dec 24, 2013
  10. Peter Huebner

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Hi Peter. Thanks for the info. I shall have to install that latest version
    on a machine and try it out. :)
    My hearing suffered a set-back when I was in my early 20s - doing off-stage
    soundmixing and stage lighting for a touring band for a couple of years. We
    couldn't afford really long cables so I was always within ~8 metres of a
    2,000 watt a side P.A. stack for three or four hours a night (wandering off
    toward more centre stage now and then to get a better 'read' on the sound as
    the room acoustics changed as it filled up).

    However recently I've been able to pick up really awesome-sounding Philips
    quasi-ribbon tweeters (buy buying cheap second-hand LX700 home theatre
    systems from TM and using the tweets from them). Also recently I bought my
    second Philips MCD708 'micro system' very cheaply from TM which use very similar
    quasi-ribbons to the dipole version used in the LX700 system - only they're

    I started building my own speakers as a teenager and, except for
    half-a-decade when my business was taking off, have always listened to music
    through my own boxes. As, since the dawn of this digital music age, 90% of
    the sound quality is dictated by the speakers I've always been able to get
    better sound for my limited money by building my own. (Even pre-digital the
    speakers were the biggest weak-point in the chain.) It helped that, for a
    large part of my younger years I had access to professional-quality speaker
    drivers through the band.

    It's ironic really that now, in my 50s and with less-than-perfect hearing,
    I'm hearing more in very familiar recordings and hearing lyrics more clearly
    than I ever have on a home system. Being able to pick up these ribbons for,
    on average <$10 a driver, then running them through refurbished cross-overs
    using (even cheap) film type capacitors rather than electrolytics on the
    mids and tweets means that I'm getting more out of music that's been with my
    since my salad years, for much less money than speakers have cost me than
    ever before.

    I was lucky to have grown up during a time when there was lots and lots of
    great music being made (I haven't heard much in the last couple of decades
    that has made it into my 'playlist'). Now I'm lucky again in that I am able
    to keep hearing new things in that same music thanks to the fidelity of
    drivers that are affordable (if you are prepared to hunt for them and
    mix'n'match drivers). To buy a tweeter as clean as these Philips units as a
    component from a speaker supply place would set you back at least $100 each.
    Pair it with a decent 10 to 15cm mid to cover the three-octave 150Hz -
    1.2kHz range and a single home-built acoustic suspension subwoofer per
    system (which are easy to make, drivers are cheap, as are high-power single
    channel MOSFET amps) to produce clean sub-150Hz music and, for well under
    $500 (if you're canny) you can have a sublime system.

    I too use an older Pioneer amp for the stereo channels. It's 10 year old
    VSX-D512 unit. It's actually a 'chip-amp', capable of five 100w channels or
    two sub 0.5% THD 120w channels. It has it's own built-in 96kHz / 24-bit DAC
    with both SPDIF optical or co-ax inputs which is *sooo* clean (and can
    handle stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1). LOL, they can often be had for <$100 so
    I have two. I first read about them in a magazine round up of HT systems
    and, even though it was in the sub-$500 class it had the lowest THD of all
    units reviewed (including it's larger Pioneer brother and some other, very
    expensive gear). I use one for my stereo and one for my small HT system and,
    if I see another for sale when I have financial wiggle-room will buy that
    too! I like that it also has a subwoofer output and an adjustable cross-over
    point for main speakers / subwoofer frequency meaning my smallish mains
    never get fed frequencies they can't reproduce cleanly.
    Thanks Peter, I hope yours was enjoyable. All the best for the new year - to
    you and all of nz.comp.

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1).
    [Sent from my OrbitalT ocular implant interface]
    ~misfit~, Dec 27, 2013
  11. In case you've not heard it, this news may be of interest to some people

    Winamp, Shoutcast, etc, have been acquired by Belgium company Radionomy.
    David Goodwin, Jan 17, 2014
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