Win XP pro client getting incorrect DNS server and connectionspecific suffix

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Fox1977, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Fox1977

    Fox1977 Guest

    Hi there,

    can anyone help me out with this problem. I have a win xp pro
    workstation on our network that has recently been rebuilt. When the
    user switches it on it is getting the incorrect DNS server and setting
    the connection specific DNS suffix incorrectly.

    I have checked on the network and the DNS server in question is not
    acting as a DHCP server (my first thought). DHCP server is switched
    off on the device. The IP address it gets is in the correct range and
    the default gateway is correct as well. Just the dns server/suffix is

    When the use runs Ipconfig /renew it sets everything correctly. The
    user is saying that it reverts back to the incorrect settings several
    times a day and it is driving him (as well as me) crazy.

    I have tried removing all of the protocols and services and adding
    them again as well as updating the drivers for the network card. The
    network card is set to automatically assign ip and dns.

    Is it possible it could be something in the users network profile?

    I was thinking that it could be a dodgy network card. Anyone any

    Any help gratefully appreciated
    Fox1977, Dec 5, 2007
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  2. Fox1977

    why? Guest

    On Wed, 5 Dec 2007 04:03:27 -0800 (PST), Fox1977 wrote:

    Getting incorrect settings or already has wrong settings? Figure that
    out first.
    What's the network got to do with anything? Your issues appears to be
    with workstation/profile settings.
    Incorrect as in an old server you used to have, incorrect as a server
    that isn't on your LAN, incorrect as the upstream ISP or what?
    Login as another user and check same settings.

    Login as 1st user and blank out the DNS / suffix entries, any manually
    set will override any DHCP sent values.
    Again, what has the network to do with this? Or at this point the DNS
    server if it's not a DHCP server.

    What is your DHCP server? Check the DHCP logs for the workstation.
    So the device means the DNS server is has DHCP switched off?
    So an ipconfig/all (you didn't provide a before / after output example)
    shows what other differences before a /renew.
    Sort of like it can't automatically find the DHCP server and the 1st
    lease renew reverts to some other settings?

    Check the PC event logs.
    From where?
    SAme user on another PC, so replace the NIC if you really want.
    why?, Dec 5, 2007
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