WIN XP Pro Clean Install

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Daniel Dravot, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to do a clean XP Pro install on a computer that has XP Home
    installed. I want to do a total fresh start- new or clean partition and

    But the install program will only let me install it on the existing NTFS
    partition that has a lot of program files on it. It also won't let me delete
    that partition- saying that there are setup files on it that are needed.

    How can I reformat that partition- or just Fdisk the whole drive? I don't
    see those files on the setup disk.

    Daniel Dravot, Aug 21, 2004
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  2. Daniel Dravot

    Claude Guest

    See Here:
    Claude, Aug 21, 2004
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  3. Daniel Dravot

    Syncro Guest

    Could just fdisk the non dos partition and let your new installation
    create a new one (assuming you want to install xp in ntfs, and so you
    Syncro, Aug 21, 2004
  4. I don't see either format or fdisk commands on the install CD.
    Daniel Dravot, Aug 21, 2004
  5. Thanks for the site...but the procedure still brings me back to the same
    place where I can't delete the exisiting partition because setup files were
    written to it.

    There's a small FAT partition- but no other space on the drive.
    Daniel Dravot, Aug 21, 2004
  6. Daniel Dravot

    Hamman Guest

    Boot from the CD instead of starting the install from windows, delete your
    old partition when the drive setup screen appears.

    Hamman, Aug 21, 2004

  7. Thanks all, I've got it now.

    I wasn't able to boot from the CD because I had it in the wrong CD drive...

    Daniel Dravot, Aug 21, 2004
  8. Daniel Dravot

    Syncro Guest

    This is a dos command and is not on the cd, (unless, unknown to me, it is
    included and buried within the disk).
    You have to use dos and the fdisk command, a startup disk with .
    Syncro, Aug 21, 2004
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