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Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by londonfred, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. londonfred

    londonfred Guest

    Dear Sirs,

    my internet connection is always down and I don't understand why. I have to
    run everytime an internet explorer diagnostic, restart the computer and
    sometimes (if i am lucky) get coonected.

    I started to not use anymore the pc at home but just at work..............

    I am very disappointed by all these messages, as below, because when i
    contacted Microsoft, they just told me to switch off/on the pc and everything
    will be ok.

    Last diagnostic run time: 02/06/08 06:42:58
    WinSock Diagnostic
    WinSock status

    info All base service provider entries are present in the Winsock catalog.
    info The Winsock Service provider chains are valid.
    error Provider entry MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IP] could not perform simple loopback
    communication. Error -1.
    info Provider entry MSAFD Tcpip [UDP/IP] passed the loopback communication
    info Provider entry RSVP UDP Service Provider passed the loopback
    communication test.
    error Provider entry RSVP TCP Service Provider could not perform simple
    loopback communication. Error -1.
    error A connectivity problem exists with an installed LSP.
    action Automated repair: Reset WinSock catalog
    action Successfully executed: netsh winsock reset catalog
    info System restart required

    Network Adapter Diagnostic
    Network location detection

    info Using home Internet connection
    Network adapter identification

    info Network connection: Name=Local Area Connection, Device=Intel(R)
    PRO/1000 PL Network Connection, MediaType=LAN, SubMediaType=LAN
    info Network connection: Name=Ambrian Partners, Device=WAN Miniport (PPTP),
    MediaType=TUNNEL, SubMediaType=NONE
    info Network connection: Name=MSN, Device=, MediaType=PHONE, SubMediaType=NONE
    info Network connection: Name=Internet Connection, Device=Internet
    Connection, MediaType=SHARED ACCESS HOST LAN, SubMediaType=NONE
    info Ethernet connection selected
    Network adapter status

    info Network connection status: Connected

    HTTP, HTTPS, FTP Diagnostic
    HTTP, HTTPS, FTP connectivity

    warn FTP (Passive): Error 12002 connecting to The
    operation timed out
    warn HTTPS: Error 12029 connecting to A connection with
    the server could not be established
    warn HTTP: Error 12002 connecting to The operation timed
    warn HTTPS: Error 12002 connecting to The operation timed
    error Could not make an HTTP connection.
    error Could not make an HTTPS connection.
    error Could not make an FTP connection.
    londonfred, Apr 20, 2008
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  2. londonfred

    Sysop Guest

    If you are using a Windows Version Before "Windows XP" and your computer is
    not capable of running "Windows XP", you need to get one that will.
    Microsoft no longer supports Windows Versions earlier than "Windows 2000 and
    ME". (if they still do, they will no longer support them very soon.

    Windows XP and above have "Self-Correction" that solves those "Win-Sock"
    issues unless you have either a Virus on your system or the Operating System
    is Corrupt in some way. As for a Virus Issue ~> Eliminate the Virus (if
    any). After that, there still may be corruption in the Windows Operating

    If so (and if no viruses, yet the Win-Sock issue is still present)... Back
    up your files that you can and RE-Install Wiindows. There may be "Repair"
    options available when using "Safe-Mode" from the Windows-Install-Disk or
    your Manufacturer-Computer-Restore-Disk.

    If this is too technical for you, I suggest you consult a Computer
    Professional to restore your system. At Least ~> try to get your
    Un-Corrupted and Un-Virus-Infected Personal data off of your Hard-Disk before
    attempting this procedure.

    Sysop, Apr 25, 2008
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