Will the Star Wars DVD releases kill this group?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Grand Inquisitor, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Will constant niggling over these extremely over-hyped boxes finally
    kill this group once and for all? I thought the questions about
    recording and downloading were bad, but I can't bear the thought of
    endless talk, especially from the "'original' orginal trilogy" crowd
    (even though I'm a part of that crowd).

    A much more important DVD release would be The Magnificent Ambersons, or
    heck, even Flight of the Navigator.
    "Doctor, one gremlinectomy, please!"
    --Michael Jackson

    Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor, Apr 4, 2004
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  2. Grand Inquisitor

    Justin Guest

    Grand Inquisitor wrote on [Sun, 04 Apr 2004 01:22:07 GMT]:
    the group is\already very close to dead
    Justin, Apr 4, 2004
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  3. Grand Inquisitor

    Jay Stewart Guest

    Forgive me for top-posting, but the group isn't getting choked by Star Wars
    fanboy stuff. I'm actually surprised about how few post their are on the
    upcoming release.

    What is killing the group are the pirates and burners who haven't figured
    out how their computers, programs etc. work and have decided to ask here
    rather than on a more appropriate newsgroup.


    "I'm a member of the KISS Army reserve.
    I rock and roll one weekend a month and
    party for two weeks in the summer."
    -- The TV Geek
    Jay Stewart, Apr 4, 2004
  4. Grand Inquisitor

    Justin Guest

    Jay Stewart wrote on [Sun, 04 Apr 2004 02:00:04 GMT]:
    No, the problem is they ask here AND as many newsgroups as they can find
    with the word DVD in the group name. At least 80% are crossposted to 3
    or more groups.
    Justin, Apr 4, 2004
  5. Grand Inquisitor

    Invid Fan Guest

    And, really, that makes sense. When DVD was new and small, you needed a
    place to go ask questions and get info on the subject. Now there's as
    little need to read this group as there would be to read an alt.cd one.
    It's done it's job.
    Invid Fan, Apr 4, 2004
  6. Grand Inquisitor

    Justin Guest

    Invid Fan wrote on [Sat, 03 Apr 2004 21:36:00 -0500]:
    I dunno about that. alt.video.dvd was usually about different players
    and different DVDs, and issues with the same. These discussions seem to
    have moved to web discussion boards that are a lot more fragmented.
    USENET as a whole is slowly fading away.
    Justin, Apr 4, 2004
  7. I agree, at least in part. There's just so little left to be said
    solely on the topic of DVD-- all the really good discussions are dealing
    with HDTV, video games, video editing, etc. There are better places to
    discuss that stuff than alt.video.dvd.


    Aaron J. Bossig

    Aaron J. Bossig, Apr 4, 2004
  8. Grand Inquisitor

    nomis Guest

    I think it started to die when we lost Norm.


    home to _Withered Spirits: The Works of Terry Lamsley_
    and _The Big F Webpage_ (diehards unite!)
    nomis, Apr 4, 2004
  9. Grand Inquisitor

    Bill Guest

    The endless bickering about pan/scan versus widescreen has yet to kill the
    group, so I think it will survive the Star Wars debate. : )

    Filters are always an option though, I've used them to avoid the aspect
    ratio debates.
    Bill, Apr 4, 2004
  10. Or did Norm leave because it started to die? :-O

    "Who would have thought my own boogers could taste that good?"
    --James Lipton

    Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor, Apr 4, 2004
  11. But widescreen vs. pan and scan is so much fun! The pan and scan idiots
    are like big fluffy punching bags!

    "Who would have thought my own boogers could taste that good?"
    --James Lipton

    Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor, Apr 4, 2004
  12. Grand Inquisitor

    Bill Guest

    LOL! I honestly used to prefer pan/scan over 2.35:1 on my current set, but
    have gradually changed over the past 5 years, even with my less than perfect
    Bill, Apr 4, 2004
  13. Grand Inquisitor

    Mark B. Guest

    If it bothers you that much, just filter out all threads with 'Star Wars' in
    the subject.

    Mark B., Apr 4, 2004
  14. Right you are!

    This newsgroup has been subverted. It isn't the first, nor will it be
    the last.

    Matthew L. Martin, Apr 5, 2004
  15. Grand Inquisitor

    Jim Fraas Guest

    I do not post as much as I used to and even have not peeped in in days

    A widescreen edition of a movie presents the film frame as it was seen in
    the movie theater. This is the version that best preserves the filmmaker's
    original intent.

    End of story!
    Jim Fraas, Apr 5, 2004
  16. Grand Inquisitor

    Eric R. Guest


    Eric R., Apr 5, 2004
  17. Norm's departure is what killed this group.

    Thanks a lot, you fascist morons
    Vlvetmorning98, Apr 6, 2004
  18. (Vlvetmorning98) wrote in
    It was a very unfortunate loss, but there
    were many contributing factors. For example, Norm's
    departure is combined with:

    1)The loss of other great posters such as David Mullen,
    John DeGroof, as well as many others.

    2) A few undesirable people getting too much attention.

    3) The decline of many A-list titles to be anticipated.
    Except for a few titles, Star Wars not being the least,
    all the biggest titles are out in some form or another.
    What we see now are eagerly awaited niche titles, which I
    find much more interesting, but they don't generate the same
    amount of discussion.

    3) The lack of any real DVD news, aside from developments
    in HD-DVD and the anti-piracy-gimmick-of-the-week.

    4) Fewer DVD newbies and more visible places for them to
    go for help.

    5) Most new releases are both WS and FS, making one of our
    more popular topics somewhat academic.

    Like someone else said, alt.video.dvd seems to have run its
    course. Perhaps in 15 years it'll be renewed as a retro-hobbyist
    forum? ;-)


    Aaron J. Bossig

    Aaron J. Bossig, Apr 6, 2004
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