Will my new ram work on an kt333 based 8k3a+ mobo from epox? It is pc3200 cl3

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Yoost, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Yoost

    Yoost Guest

    And an 1800+ XP 1533 mhz cpu? Im almost buying 2x 512 banks of pc3200 ram and
    I want to make sure its working.

    So will it only work at pc2700 speed? Any way of making it run at pc3200 speed
    in combination with overclocking my cpu maybe?

    If it can only go pc2700, wil it do cl2.5 or 3 and will that have big impact on

    Im want to buy pc3200 because i can get it at better prices. The brand is
    elpida, is that a good brand?
    512 mb

    And offcourse i will have more use of pc3200 when im upgrading later this year
    since all new mobo's support it.

    This is alot of questions, but I hope i can get some great advice!

    Thank u all!

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    Yoost, Apr 1, 2004
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  2. Yoost

    ICee Guest

    The 1800+ uses a 133 MHz FSB (266 MHz DDR), PC2100 speed. You may be
    able to raise the FSB to overclock it. Depending on what CPU core you
    have, it might overclock to a 166 MHz FSB (1900 MHz), or possibly
    Depends on the memory. There is only a small difference between CL2.5
    and CL3. Probably only noticable in a benchmark program. PC3200 memory
    is rated to 200 MHz (400 MHz DDR), PC2700, 166 MHz max.
    Never heard of it. Why look at Intel's validation, since you have a AMD
    system and VIA chipset?
    PC3200 will run fine at slower speeds, so definitely get PC3200 memory,
    no matter the current FSB used. Crucial make a good memory module and
    the price is very good. www.crucial.com
    ICee, Apr 2, 2004
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