Will MCAD help me to get an Internship?

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by minopark, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. minopark

    minopark Guest

    Hi, my name is Mino, college Junior, majoring in Comp. Engr. from NYC
    I am SCJP(Sun Certified Java Programmer) and preparing for SCWCD(Sun Certified Web Component Developer). I was looking for an Internship since I was Freshman, but you know.... Somehow I've got a chance to build web applications using L.A.M.P for last 2 years. Also I have good understanding and experience in JSP, JavaBean, JDBC. I guess certification I have in Java doesn't help me to get an internship. Will MCAD help me to get an internship? Will I be able to get a Job after I graduate? I am very curious and anxious about my future. Please help me

    minopark, Apr 30, 2004
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  2. minopark

    Eric Guest

    Why not? It sounds like it should help, but you still have to put
    together a good resume. I think you should also put together a
    demonstration web site to show people what you can do. I'd tie it to a
    DB and use JDBC to interact with web pages. If you can show people what
    you can do, it will help to convince people how good you are.

    This is good advice for MCAD people, too. You need to be able to show a
    company the work that you've done. I always recommend that people get a
    cheap web hosting company and put together a web app that shows people
    how good you are.

    After all, architects show pictures of buildings they designed. Artists
    show the works of art they created. What should programmers show
    prospective employers?
    MCAD is not magic, and you have a strong Java background already. In my
    experience, I've seen a lot of real big companies that use Java -
    mostly with Oracle, I think. If you have this kind of background, then
    you need to show people why you're better than others with this

    Certifications and degrees help to get you in the door, but then you
    have to SHOW people samples of your work. Preferably in the form of a
    demonstration web site that actually works, and has some code samples
    that can be downloaded. Make sure that it's all your own work. It won't
    impress somebody if you show code samples from a book, or from another
    web site.

    By the way, I'm not seeing a whole lot of internships in the
    programming field. Most of the time you just get an entry level job,
    and do your best to learn their business. You'll probably change jobs
    every 2 years, or so, until you work your way up. Most companies that
    I've seen don't promote programmers who hire in as entry level. You
    normally have to change jobs to move up to the next level. I know this
    is a bad thing, but this is what I've seen. Of course, some companies
    might promote you after a year or two. My advice is to change jobs
    after 2 years of doing good work if they haven't promoted you yet.

    Eric, Apr 30, 2004
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