Wifi recommendation (strong antenna vs. repeaters)

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Adam Steiner, May 30, 2004.

  1. Adam Steiner

    Adam Steiner Guest


    Friend of mine asked me to wirelessly network his house. They have 3
    levels, big piece of land, lots of walls for the signal to penetrate and no
    Cat 5/5e/6 strung. Instead of using repeaters in the house, I was
    wondering if anyone had used an antenna, sort of like what's used for
    cellphones (but weaker). Hooking that up to the wireless router, it
    would/should allow the entire house to get reception.

    If so, does anyone have any recommendations? Has anyone tried this before?
    If not, what, in your experience, has had the best range in terms of routers
    and access points (dual band 802.11b/g)

    Adam Steiner, May 30, 2004
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  2. Adam Steiner

    Duane Arnold Guest


    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, May 30, 2004
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  3. Adam Steiner

    Adam Steiner Guest

    Didn't know about that one Duane, thanks.

    Nonetheless, if anyone here has experience... ;-)
    Adam Steiner, May 30, 2004
  4. Adam Steiner

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Not that someone here is not experienced, but the expertise is at

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, May 30, 2004
  5. Adam Steiner

    Adam Steiner Guest

    I know, I just posted a message there, but I didn't want to discourage
    anyone here from responding ;)
    Thanks again. --Adam
    Adam Steiner, May 30, 2004
  6. USENET isn't some form of dictatorship, by posting a reply with nothing but
    another group, all you do is make the person who posted the message feel
    like they were rude or something. To answer the question, I have problems
    with computers on the far end of my house having a weak signal. I got some
    antennas from Radio Shack which are bigger. They only kind of helped, the
    connection is still slow and unstable.
    Andrew Watiker, May 31, 2004
  7. Adam Steiner

    Michael-NC Guest

    Relax General, they are both regulars.

    Michael-NC, May 31, 2004
  8. Adam Steiner

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Please man don't be going off the deep end with this. What are you going do
    here *cry* about it? All I did was send the person to the NG that has the
    expertise in the area. There are several people in that NG that can answer
    all of the OP's questions as that is their job in the professional world is
    to setup wireless networks.

    If you're all *that*, then I should see you posting with help there too.
    I'll assume that you know that there are wireless cards that will allow the
    transmission out to 3,000 feet. There are also so wireless signal boosters
    as well. How do I know this, because I frequent that NG and learned?

    There is always someone that has to be a *deep ender* as I call them with a
    non-sense post.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, May 31, 2004
  9. Adam Steiner

    Adam Steiner Guest

    Ok, no more flames :)
    I'll go with Duane on this one. I posted there afterwards and got a number
    of replies fairly quickly.
    Thanks again.
    Adam Steiner, May 31, 2004
  10. Adam Steiner

    heavenbound Guest

    this is also a good newsgroup to ask any type of computer question. if
    someone knows the answer and wants to help then they should. not just tell
    someone to go somewhere else. if they don't want to help they should not say
    anything. but, it is good to suggest they go to a more specific group that
    directly deals with their topic.

    i think the antenna deal depends on if the router will let you disconnect
    its own antenna and put on a more stronger one. if it can, then this is a
    good solution for sure, :) i have a belkin 802.11G one and it says you can
    not remove its antennas.
    heavenbound, May 31, 2004
  11. Adam Steiner

    Wizard Guest

    IMHO: There is nothing wrong with a response to try somewhere else but,
    only if there are no helpfull replys to the original post.
    Wizard, Jun 1, 2004
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