WiFi phone goes unresponsive with Gizmo5

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by M.L., Aug 14, 2009.

  1. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    My Dlink DPH-541 WiFi phone doesn't ring in response to inbound
    callers after a certain amount of time. I just verified that it stops
    responding after 2 hours although it might have stopped responding
    before that. When I open the clamshell it shows that it is registered,
    but I have to Restart the phone to get it working properly again. What
    particularly frustrates me is that this problem didn't happen at all
    when I used Callcentric as my SIP provider.

    I'm currently using Sipsorcery tied to my Gizmo5/GoogleVoice SIP
    account. Sipsorcery has a Keep Alive option that I activated. I set
    the Register Expiry in both Sipsorcery and Gizmo5 at 3600 seconds and
    then to 60 seconds, but it makes no difference. This problem happened
    with Gizmo5 even before I used Sipsorcery. Any assistance or ideas to
    help this situation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    M.L., Aug 14, 2009
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