WiFi Low$ a/b/g PCI Ad-hoc vs Hi$ a/b/g AP??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Ron Reaugh, May 12, 2004.

  1. Ron Reaugh

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Has anyone considered the option of using a relatively low cost($<80) triple
    mode A/B/G wireless PCI card in ad-hoc mode for WiFi access? Comparing that
    to the relatively expensive A/B/G WiFi access points(>$150)?

    This would be in an environment where there are 6 or less(usually 2 or 3)
    WiFi connections/users. The peer-peer WiFi usage would be minimal as most
    traffic would go to the PCI card and be bridged to the ISA WAN NIC or end in
    the box(server) the PCI card is in or less often be bridged to the main
    wired LAN.

    Can one configure ad-hoc mode in triple mode? Or for ad-hoc mode does one
    have to choose A vs B/G? Will one of the triple mode PCI cards keep alive
    both A and B/G connections simultaneously in ad-hoc mode? I notice that
    A/B/G access points always have two antennas but the triple mode cards only
    one antenna is one of the reasons I ask.

    For a small number of WiFi users( 2-6 @ less than 50 feet) ad-hoc to a
    server based PCI card seems attractive in just terms of dollars,
    reliability, cabling clutter and power connections. Just a PCI card.....

    Is there an low cost USB triple mode A/B/G WiFi adapter available?

    What about just a B/G PCI card in ad-hoc mode vs a B/G access point?

    Ron Reaugh, May 12, 2004
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