WiFi Connection Nightmare

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Tom John, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Tom John

    Tom John Guest


    I have a brand new m200, office connect 3com router and an older
    samsung p10. The samsung and the router have been working fine for the
    past 12 months.

    The m200 will only see the router with all encryption turned off, as
    soon as i turn on any form of encryption or enforce MAC filtering the
    M200 can no longe see the N/W.

    I know how to configure wireless/wired networks and have tried
    everything under the sun, including updating all firmware on the

    I have also got the latest drivers from Intel for the WiFi, turned off
    Wireless Zero Config and used the one supplied with those drivers with
    no luck.

    The only way i can get it working is to factory reset the router,
    reconfigure it with no encryption (completely unsecure) and then it
    will work. As soon as i turn on any form of security my M200 won't see
    it, and if i turn it back off on the router the M200 still won't see

    With all the mucking around, with any security/mac filtering options,
    my other laptop (Samsung P10) works just fine on the WiFi.

    Has anyone seen anything like this in the past? Or have any ideas?
    Right now i have the choice of a completely unsecure wireless network
    or sitting with a wire between me and the router... arggg!

    3com/toshiba have not even responded to my queried over the past few

    Ideas greatly appreciated.


    Tom John, Apr 11, 2005
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  2. Tom John

    TW Guest

    Try going to the properties page for your card and uncheck the "enable
    802.1x" box on the authentication page.
    TW, Apr 11, 2005
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