WiFi Bridge works except for windows

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by netty, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. netty

    netty Guest

    I have a small LAN with a windows domain. Very vanilla setup with a
    Router, switch, 802.11G AP, a server/DC and some workstations &
    wireless laptop. Now I want to add a workstation using a wireless
    bridge instead of either wired Ethernet or WiFi card.

    The workstation works perfectly when connected via Ethernet wire. When
    I replace the wire with the configured wireless bridge I can use the
    Internet connection and can ping the server and all other machines,
    but I can't see the other machines or shares in windows. (Windows
    Explorer hangs for a long time then times out). Laptops using WiFi
    cards & even a squeezebox work perfectly. Any ideas where I should be
    looking to troubleshoot this?

    It almost smells like a windows or compatibility or WiFi security
    issue, but right now even those make little sense to me. Tried 2
    different bridges (Squeezebox2 & D-Link DWL-G730AP Pocket router). The
    Squeezebox can't even log into the domain. The D-link could. Neither
    can access shares or computers in windows explorer. Funny thing is I
    think they are BOTH using the DC's DNS server (both for internet & the
    D-Link also for logon to the domain ). Same behavior when disabling
    all wifi & router security. Where should I start? Are there known
    incompatibalities or good (but inexpensive) devices I should be aware

    netty, Apr 6, 2006
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