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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Charles Douglas Wehner, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. Google was unable to retrieve the original message string, so here is
    the story:

    Brent Geery wanted to know about the geometry of 3D, when making
    "stitched" panoramas.

    I suggested that there is a difference between 3D when looking into a
    viewer (the interocular separation varies with the angle of your
    glance) and when projecting onto a wrap-around screen (separation
    always 2-and-a-quarter inches).

    Richard Feinman mentioned that there had been a 360-degree system
    involving one image above the other, and the use of prisms. He
    suggested an Internet search.

    From my many years in the Stereoscopic Society, London, I remembered
    the name "Nesh", and looked it up. It is a prism system.

    I had myself found the side-by-side presentation of images with a Nesh
    viewer restricting as regards peripheral-vision. I had long ago
    considered that a one-above-the-other method would be better. However,
    I took the matter no further.

    It seems, if Richard is correct, that other people had similar ideas -
    based, of course, upon the laws of nature that never change.

    Below is this interesting report on the original of the Nesh viewer,
    that I found. The words "OVER/UNDER" suggest that there were even
    wide-image Nesh systems I had not known about.

    Charles Douglas Wehner


    From: klein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: P3D Re: Lorgnettes - Over-Under
    Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 06:30:00 +0200


    [ ... stuff deleted ...]
    The Nesh viewer is no longer available. The Name was made from the
    combined last names of the manufacturers, NEubauer and ScHmidtke.
    a very similar viewer exists: it's the KMQ-system (made by three
    gentlemen, Koschnitzke, Mehnert and Quick). As far as I know, it's
    available here in Germany.

    Alexander Klein
    3D-Magazin, Editor (http://www.stereoscopy.com/3d-magazin)
    Webmaster: http://www.stereoscopy.com
    Charles Douglas Wehner, Apr 3, 2004
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  2. My apologies to ROBERT Feinman.

    Google's server seems to have been overloaded, and could not retrieve
    the original post. I had to rely on memory.

    Below is what Robert Feinman wrote.

    Charles Douglas Wehner
    Beitrag 10 aus der Diskussionsgruppe
    Von:Robert Feinman ()
    Betrifft:Re: 3D stitched panoramas and the parallax issue

    View this article only
    Datum:2004-04-01 08:09:13 PST

    Somewhere in net land is a description of a device to display stereo
    360 degree panoramas.
    The two images are placed one above the other and a series of mirrors
    and lenses brings them to the right and left eyes. I think the
    impression is like an old stereopticon but you can rotate the images.
    A little online searching should reveal the details.
    Charles Douglas Wehner, Apr 4, 2004
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