Wide Open West VoIP, Nortel i2004 Internet Phone

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by arachnoman, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. arachnoman

    arachnoman Guest

    Ok, I'm a total VoIP noob so bear with me

    I just got WOW (Wide Open West) VoIP, the put the modem in my hous
    that allows my usual Internet connection and a connection they ran t
    my phone lines. VoIP works fine, Internet works fine. I believe
    understand how this works, but my question is this

    I have a brand new Nortel i2004 Internet Phone that has only a
    ethernet input, is there anyway possible to get his phone to work o
    my VoIP system? I do have a router and switch on my LAN and ca
    easily plug the phone into it, can I configure it for my VoI

    Second question: How easy is it to "hack" the packets of the VoIP an
    intercept the phone calls

    Michigan, US
    arachnoman, Jun 2, 2005
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  2. arachnoman

    Onion Knight Guest

    I've only used the i2004 on a Nortel VOIP system. I'm not sure that it
    is meant to work with other VOIP setups. I'm also not familiar with how WOW
    works either... So far I'm not helping much.
    If you have the info about the IP address(es) of their servers, and the
    port number that manages SIP signalling, you can play with the phone's setup
    options to see if anything happens. In case you don't know how to do this:

    Power Cycle the phone.
    When you see "Nortel Networks" appear on the display quickly (before "Nortel
    Networks" disappears) press the four soft-keys under the display one at a
    time from left to right.
    You should now be in the setup stage.

    Good luck!
    Onion Knight, Jun 3, 2005
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  3. arachnoman

    Onion Knight Guest

    Crap. Sorry about the top posting.
    Onion Knight, Jun 3, 2005
  4. arachnoman

    Lonewolf Guest

    The i2004, I believe, only works to a Nortel VoIP at this time.
    Lonewolf, Jun 5, 2005
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