Wide Angle Lens For FF and Contax645/EOS Lens Adapter

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Einst Stein, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Einst Stein

    Einst Stein Guest

    After a repeated failed bid on MF digital back, finally I got my
    compromised 35mm DSLR.
    But then I realized why 35mm FF is not always a good idea, if wide
    angle lens is important.

    Every medium priced under 50mm has serious cornor light fall-off. Some
    have serious color shift too. This includes Canon non-L, Contax-Yashica
    35mm, and Rollei 35mm, including prime and some zooms. From what I read
    from dpreview's forum (canon/Kodak SLR), the canon L could be better,
    but not satisfactory.

    The only thing I found acceptible is Hasselblad's 50mm, but again, it
    is f4 only. I don't mind to carry the bulky and heavy stuff, because
    this is my down graded Med Format. The problem is, I really want a 35mm
    lens. Hasselblad only goes to 40mm. The 38mm won't work on 35mm DSLR.

    I can find Contax-645 35mm lens. The general comments are it's really
    really good. So I really wish there is an adapter for Contax 645-to
    EOS. Anyone knows if it exists? I know Contax N would be difficult (or
    even impossible) to adapter to EOS, but Contax 645 should be OK.

    Or, which 645 format 35mm lens is good too (Mamiya, Pentex, Fujiblad?),
    and can be easily adapted to EOS?
    Einst Stein, Oct 29, 2006
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