Wi-Fi missing in XP...help ?

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Danny_Rose, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Danny_Rose

    Danny_Rose Guest

    HI, yesterday i try to access to internet and set to ON
    the button on my HP portable notebook Pavlion but
    when i turn on the led NOT change from yellow to BLU!

    And not appare in the low of the tray the antenna icon
    to wireless state!

    I controll and in ALL NETWORK not appare the wireless
    connetion icon ! and in control pannel- device manager
    NOT appare in network the WLAN BROADCOM 802.11
    MINIPORT ! lost....

    i see only an 1934 NET ADAPTER and a new voice that


    why ?

    I use the programm Network Strumbler 0.4.0 and it say that
    i have NOT a nettwork adapter installed !!!!! wow !

    I try to restore the system to an all day, but none ! i resinstall
    from secrete partiotion HP the Software HP and all the
    HP wireless drivers .... but NONE !!!

    if i go to this programm it HP WIRELESS ADJUST STATUS

    it say:



    what si this Micorsoft Device manager ? and F10 ? what and
    where? it force the wi-fi adapter to work or ?

    now, is the internal wi-fi network fault or ONLY the software ?
    but in how mode i know what is fault and dead ????

    And, why in Network status NOT appar the icon of
    "Connection of wireless " and in device manager in
    harware microsoft of XP there is not the WLAN BROADBAND
    802.11 schedule and driver all disappear !!!

    is an hardware or software problem on my wireless wi-fi network ?

    what is this F10 the set-up in bios of my notebook hp?
    but in bios there isn't a voice that say "device" ...help me
    Danny_Rose, Mar 26, 2009
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  2. Danny_Rose

    Larry Guest

    Check your Bios at start up and make sure that your wireless internet is
    access. If it is go to HP site and dowload your drivers and install them for
    your HP Pavillion
    Larry, Jun 8, 2009
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