Why is my SATA drive letter i:?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by R. Giggs., Nov 7, 2012.

  1. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Just to seperate this from the previous thread, but I noticed when I added
    a SATA drive as slave it appears as I: (or i:) on the drive list.
    I was puzzled why this was when I fist saw this,.the only theory I have goes
    this. I have my boot drive c: and it's recovery partition d: (on a side note
    it is odd
    perhaps that d: appears before c: when evey you display the partitions on
    the drive.
    Then I have the DVD drive e: and I have had USB drives on g: and h:
    so maybe i: was just the next letter available when I cloned the drive,
    I am pretty sure I had no USB drives connected when I cloned the drive so
    a bit odd to me. It is lilke windows remebers which drives have been

    Anyhow it's probably a bit of a red herring regarding my SATA boot ptoblems.
    R. Giggs., Nov 7, 2012
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  2. R. Giggs.

    Paul Guest

    Driver letter usage is recorded in the Registry.

    If you use Regedit, there is a key "\DosDevices\C:"
    in MountedDevices. And you can see all your drive letters
    in there. Now, I've *never* used the letter "O" for
    a drive, and in honor of that fact, there is no
    "\DosDevices\O:" showing in the list of keys there.

    Paul, Nov 8, 2012
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  3. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Thanks for that!!

    But as you probably already know I have cloned using Acronis and it worked,
    my drives are :C and D: as normal!!

    Maybe I will try cloning again to the SMART error drive to see what happens?
    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
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