Why is mozilla software so slow to load

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by factor5, May 23, 2010.

  1. factor5

    factor5 Guest

    I have both Firefox and Thunderbird installed. I like the wya they
    work one they're loaded, but it takes forever to load them. I timed
    Firefox. 39 seconds. TB is about the same. Yea, I know that IE is
    built into Windows so it loads faster, but I can not think of any
    software that takes as long as Mozilla stuff. My other email software
    (Eudora) loads in just a few seconds, probably about 5 sec.

    39 sec. dont seem like a long time till you got to sit and wait for
    it. As much as I hate IE, I finally set IE as my default browser,
    because if I just want to click on a url someone posted on a
    newsgroup, I'm not going to wait for FF to load each and every time.
    If I load a broswer 10 times a day, that's 6 1/2 minutes wasted every
    day, and 3/4 hour per week. I realize all software has to be read
    from the drive and load into memory, but mozilla stuff just takes too
    factor5, May 23, 2010
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  2. factor5

    Ken Guest

    You must have a very slow computer.

    On my old slow computer Firefox 3.6.3 takes 4 seconds.
    On my old slow computer Tunderbird 3.0.4 takes 5 seconds.
    My 6 year old computer is a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 2.5 HDD (C:)
    Windows 7 32 bit.

    On my small slow computer Firefox 3.6.3 takes 4 seconds.
    On my small slow computer Tunderbird 3.0.4 takes 5 seconds.
    My small computer is a 1.8 GHz VIA Mini-ITX with SSD (C:).
    Windows XP 32 bit.

    A modern computer with SSD would load Firefox and
    Thunderbird faster than 4 seconds.
    Ken, May 23, 2010
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  3. factor5

    Ralph Fox Guest

    On Sun, 23 May 2010 00:05:52 -0500, in message <>
    On my computer it takes Firefox 2 seconds to load, plus another 3 seconds
    to load my home page = total of 5 seconds.
    (Specs: Intel P8700 CPU @ 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM, SATA hard drive).

    My old computer would take longer (specs: AMD K6 CPU @ 233MHz, 64MB RAM,
    IDE hard drive).

    Q.1 What are the specs of your computer?

    Q.2 What extensions do you have installed in Firefox?

    Q.3 If you start Firefox in Firefox's "Safe Mode", how long does it
    take Firefox to load?

    "Start » Programs » Mozilla Firefox » Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)"
    TB takes about 5 seconds here, too.

    If you have an older spec computer, then I recommend K-Meleon as your browser.

    • K-Meleon is based on the Gecko layout engine developed by Mozilla which
    is also used by Firefox.
    • On older computers with lower specs, K-Meleon will be significantly
    faster than Firefox.
    Ralph Fox, May 23, 2010
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