Why is Ethernet Fast/Wireless Slow?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by M.L., Sep 7, 2014.

  1. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    My wireless has never been speedy but it appears to have gotten worse
    lately. Occasionally a page will load quickly but most of the time
    there's a lot of waiting before the page renders. The issue occurs in
    all browsers I've tried. The pages load almost instantly when using my
    Ethernet connection.

    I'm using a no-name wireless pocket router sitting on the floor next
    to the desk with my laptop on it. Only my laptop and smartphone are
    connected to the router. I set the DNS servers to the same as those in
    my PC adapter config, and I've enabled/disabled QoS with no apparent
    page load differences. Is there a wireless config setting I'm missing
    that would help speed things up? Thanks.
    M.L., Sep 7, 2014
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  2. You're probably receiving interference from other wi-fi systems in the
    area. Do NOT use auto channel selection in your unspecified model
    wireless router. Reconfigure it for either channels 1, 6, or 11. If
    by chance your unspecified model non-name wireless router just happens
    to be a dual band wireless router, and that your unspecified computah
    just might be have a dual band wireless adapter, try switching from
    the crowded 2.4Ghz band, to the less crowded 5Ghz band.
    Jeff Liebermann, Sep 7, 2014
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  3. M.L.

    Aaron2 Guest

    I use a free Android app called Wifi Analyzer. I use it to see what
    channels my neighbors are using and the relative signal strengths.
    Then I set my router on the best channel. No guesswork that way.
    Aaron2, Sep 7, 2014
  4. I use the same app for the same purpose. It's quite useful and works
    For the US, the default settings for 5GHz channels is needs to be
    setup for the DFS channels under "settings".

    Some other programs that will show hidden SSID's:

    In the last year or so, almost all the wi-fi interference problems
    I've had to deal with are the result of Roku, Apple TV, WD, and other
    wireless internet TV appliances being uses via Wi-Fi instead of an
    ethernet connection. Getting the owners attention and allowing me to
    make changes to their setup has been a challenge. My favorite pitch
    line is mentioning that it also affects the performance of their
    tablets, smartphones, and game machines. That's not totally true, but
    good enough to get me past the door.
    Jeff Liebermann, Sep 7, 2014
  5. I guess I should mention that that author of WiFi Analyzer is not very
    good at screen design. Everyone eventually asks the same questions:
    1. To switch from 2.4GHz display to 5GHz, go to "View -> Channel
    Graph" display, punch the black area just under the "WiFi Analyzer"
    icon in the upper left, and a "2.4G" box will appear. Punch it, and
    it will change to "5G".
    2. To see the network neighborhood, hit the three vertical dots near
    the upper right, and select "Tools -> LAN neighbors".
    3. To turn off sound, go to "View -> Signal Meter" and you'll find
    the sound on/off in the lower right.
    Jeff Liebermann, Sep 7, 2014
  6. M.L.

    Aaron2 Guest

    Not much different than putting high pass filters on their TVs in the
    old days before cable, eh?
    Aaron2, Sep 7, 2014
  7. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    Thanks for all replies. If it helps, I used WirelessNetView to gather
    some statistics (SSID: Cressida):

    It appears that I'm on a different channel from my neighbors.

    Router model: WA-6220
    Laptop: HP DV7-1135nr
    M.L., Sep 7, 2014
  8. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    [Resend to add URL of router]
    I used WirelessNetView to gather some statistics (SSID: Cressida):

    It appears that I'm on a different channel from my neighbors.

    Laptop: HP DV7-1135nr
    Router model: WA-6220
    M.L., Sep 7, 2014
  9. I confirmed that Nirsoft WirelessNetView will show hidden SSID
    Note that "Pettyyy House" is not secured. If your HP DV7 laptop is
    inadvertently connecting to the unsecured "Pettyyy House" on Ch 6
    instead of your "Cressida" on Ch 11, it might explain the slowdown.
    Can I assume Windoze 7 or Windoze 8? If so, try:
    netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid
    from the CMD box.

    I'll assume that you've checked for malware and don't have any high
    traffic file sharing or IP video applications running while testing
    your system.
    No experience with that router or company. The included product link
    to the manufacturers web pile doesn't work:
    The product appears to be obsolete. Their current routers:
    No firmware updates available without sending email to support.

    I could normally suggest running local wireless performance tests
    using iPerf or Jperf and a 2nd computer:
    However, with the possibility of old firmware and an obsolete router,
    methinks simply borrowing a different router and trying it instead
    might prove a better test. If a different router works better, the
    culprit should be obvious.
    Jeff Liebermann, Sep 7, 2014
  10. Although (as you point out) it's unlikely, I forgot to mumble
    something about interference. WirelessNetView will show what your DV7
    laptop client radio is hearing. It will NOT show what your WA-6220
    wireless router is hearing. If the laptop is located inside your
    house, and the wireless router located near an open window with a view
    of the city, the wireless router is going to hear far more signals and
    junk than your laptop. WirelessNetView will also only show wireless
    access points and will not show wireless clients (thanks to
    intentional Windoze driver limitations).

    Try moving the WA-6220 router away from anything with a view of the
    world and see if things go faster.

    Try running Kismet (under Linux) for detecting client radios:
    Pg 96. Hit "c" for client list.
    Jeff Liebermann, Sep 7, 2014
  11. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    Windows8. I tried that command and it showed 5 networks currently
    available. The stats shown mirror what I found in WirelessNetView.
    Yes, I scan with Malwarebytes. The only Internet apps I have open are
    Chrome and Agent newsreader. No background Internet apps.
    I'm definitely leaning towards a new router. Thanks again for your
    informative reply.
    M.L., Sep 7, 2014
  12. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    My router status webpage shows I'm connected to Cressida.
    Thanks. As stated in my other response, I'm leaning towards a more
    capable router.
    M.L., Sep 7, 2014
  13. M.L.

    Ant Guest

    Also, you mentioned it is on the floor in your original forum thread
    post. Have you tried moving it up and maybe somewhere else? I don't
    think wireless work well going up to your wireless devices. If they
    fail, then yeah a new better brand of router would be a good idea. Even
    a cheaper priced router would work.
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    Ant, Sep 7, 2014
  14. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    I briefly moved it to the top of the desk right next to the laptop but
    it made no difference.

    I'm currently looking at the highly rated TP-LINK TL-WDR3500 dual-band
    router. At the very least it will allow me a direct Ethernet
    connection to my laptop while maintaining wireless support, unlike the
    WA-6220. The only device to be wirelessly connected will be my
    smartphone. But I don't use it much for Internet connectivity.
    M.L., Sep 8, 2014
  15. No experience with that model, but I've had generally good luck with
    TP-Link lately. (The really old stuff is crap).
    About $40 anywhere. Simultaneous 2.4 and 5GHz is a big plus. QoS is
    mandatory if you're running VoIP. Most of the other features are
    marginally useful or useless. However, at the price, you won't save
    any money buying a lesser wireless router. You probably don't need
    802.11ac. WPS is a security risk and should be disabled. Etc.
    You *MIGHT* be able to connect a 5 port ethernet switch to the single
    ethernet port on the WA-6220. That will work only if the port
    supports multiple IP's on a single MAC address. Some do, some don't,
    and no way to tell without trying it.
    On the other foot, my smartphone has no cellular data plan. I use
    wi-fi for internet connectivity exclusively (because I'm cheap).
    Jeff Liebermann, Sep 8, 2014
  16. M.L.

    M.L. Guest

    Sounds like a great idea. I see a 5 port Ethernet switch on eBay for
    $8.45 shipped. However, rather than take a chance regarding multiple
    IP support I'd rather pay a bit more and go with a new router. I found
    a WDR3500 for $35.30 used/$42 new, shipped. Besides, I'm running out
    of electrical plugs at that location, even with a power strip.
    Oh, I use more smartphone WiFi than data at home. But I mostly use my
    smartphone WiFi to check the weather forecast.
    M.L., Sep 8, 2014
  17. M.L.

    ps56k Guest

    Don't forget that Wifi is in the ISM - Industrial, Scientific, & Medical -
    RF spectrum
    So, depending upon your location, anything else, like a microwave oven,
    using the 2.4Ghz band
    will cause "blinding" interference for your laptop...
    You can't easily see/monitor this spray of 2.4Ghz microwaves, since it's
    just RF, and not a data stream.
    ps56k, Sep 16, 2014
  18. M.L.


    Nov 14, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Connection Problem

    This issue may occur due to cables that aren't connected properly, corrupted or incompatible drivers, missing updates, network connection settings or network connection settings.
    AllenConnell, Nov 14, 2014
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