Why is Canon 10D always out of stock?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by SHolmes, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. SHolmes

    SHolmes Guest

    For several days I'm trying to find Canon 10D in one of reliable Internet
    shops and it is always out of stock. Why is this? High demand? But Digital
    Rebel should be in higher demand because it is less expensive and it is
    available everywhere. Canon policy? If so, can somebody explain what's the
    deal? If you happen to know some _reliable_ on-line store having 10D in
    stock, pls let me know. I need it to be delivered in NY until October, 30
    and I'm running out of time.

    SHolmes, Oct 18, 2003
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  2. SHolmes

    Doug Scobie Guest

    Demand is high for the 10D anyway and it has been since it's launch. I guess
    Canon's production lines are geared up to high volume on the Rebel, leaving
    low output for the 10D.
    Doug Scobie, Oct 18, 2003
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  3. SHolmes

    Andrew Guest

    Pictureline.com is well-regarded. They appear to have the 10D in stock.

    Andrew, Oct 18, 2003
  4. SHolmes

    David Whalen Guest

    Try apple.com - Thats where I bought mine when they first came out and
    received it within 7 days eventhough they stated it would take 3 weeks.

    -- David Whalen
    David Whalen, Oct 18, 2003
  5. SHolmes

    Bill Hilton Guest

    From: "SHolmes"
    Go to one of the sites with a price searching bot and user ratings of the
    stores and you should find the camera in stock quickly enough. For example,
    try www.resellerratings.com (or similar sites), enter "Canon 10D" and you'll
    find 48 stores listed. About 70% of them seem to have it in stock. Now find
    one with very high short term and long term customer ratings and you should be

    I've done this several times when B&H or Adorama were out of an item I needed
    and always ended up with companies I never heard of who shipped quickly at the
    price listed, so as long as you weed out the bad vendors this system works
    fine. Make sure it's not grey market and make sure you understand the shipping
    charges and the return policy, and you should be safe.

    Bill Hilton, Oct 18, 2003
  6. SHolmes

    jeff liss Guest

    Try Circuit City.com. I got mine there. Excellent camera. Fairly
    priced. Very versatile. That's why so many digital photgraphers have
    opted for it.
    jeff liss, Oct 18, 2003
  7. SHolmes

    Drifter Guest

    For several days I'm trying to find Canon 10D in one of reliable Internet
    I don't know where you are, but if you are in the Washington DC area
    then try Penn Camera. Very helpful group there.

    Drifter, Oct 19, 2003
  8. When I bought the Rebel from a small camera store, I was told that the Canon
    distributor was requiring cash payment in advance, so they had to sell one
    before they could order another. Even so, they always had one or two
    in-transit and usually sold out before the next shipment arrived. It was
    anticipated that the Rebel will be the hot item for Christmas.

    I don't know if the same rationale applies to the 10D. That store only
    special-ordered one when a customer asked them to. I don't recall any mention
    of long delays.

    Another reason a product is in short supply, might be that a newer model is
    about to be announced. The most likely time would be at some photo conference
    early next year. Heard any good rumors?

    Fred McKenzie, Oct 19, 2003
  9. SHolmes

    Andy Guest

    There will be a new Canon Elan 7D with eye control next year.
    Andy, Oct 20, 2003
  10. SHolmes

    Jerry Dycus Guest

    In stock, ready to ship. Brand new in box USA warranty. Shelby Camera
    & Video. $1399.99 MasterCard or Visa Call 1-704-487-9057.
    Jerry Dycus, Oct 20, 2003
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