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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, May 2, 2006.

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    I have been having some problems with a new Dell PC that I was purchased
    early in April. About two weeks after I received it I started the
    installation of a wireless network. Initially all I did was install two USB
    network adapters and created a peer to peer network. This wasn’t successful
    in that they refused to communicate with each other. I tried to resolve
    the problem, together with Belkin technical support, but with no suces and I
    eventually gave up and decided to uninstall everything I had done.

    Then I had a problem linking McAfee Spankiller to Outlook Express. Although
    this is a known problem I couldn’t get this to work either and nor could
    McAfee technical support. I thought this may be connected with the failure
    of the network so I restored the system to a restore point a few days after
    the new PC was installed which was several days before I had even purchased
    the adapters. This still didn’t resolve the problem so I decided go back to
    square one. In uninstalled McAfee and I am now ready to reinstall which I
    have to do from the McAfee web site.

    Just before I did this I was scanning the system generally. There are two
    things that are odd.

    1. I have a double screen icon at the botton-right of the screen with a red
    X against it. I have no idea exactly when this appeared – it may have
    happened when I did the wireless network.

    2. Also in the LAN or High-speed internet connections in the control panel I

    Local Area Connection
    Network Cable unplugged
    Intel ® PRO/100 VE Network

    On the basis that I don’t see why I should have any LAN, unplugged or not,
    Can anyone offer any suggestions before I commit to reinstalling McAfee and
    maybe ending up with the same problem?
    Guest, May 2, 2006
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  2. Your computer has a motherboard or peripheral Intel Pro adapter. As long as
    drivers are installed this will display as a Local Area Connection
    regardless of whether it has an ethernet cable connecting it to anything.
    If it is not connected to anything, it will display with a red X. This has
    nothing to do with your USB wireless adapters - these will not display a
    Local Area Connection unless their drivers are installed and they are
    connected to a USB port.

    Doug Sherman
    Doug Sherman [MVP], May 2, 2006
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