Why don't they fix the broken Bookmark Manager?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Faun, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Faun

    Faun Guest

    You cannot delete/view properties/what else? on a bookmark you have in
    the right-hand pane if it got there when you search the bookmarks.

    Why I would want to:
    To delete dupes.

    Other solutions:
    I have tried some bookmark extension found on the mozilla site, that
    supposedly was about finding dupes, but it was far too buggy to even
    consider. E.g. I couldn't even add a single bookmark anymore.

    Are there any solutions to this problem? Other than first search for the
    bookmark and then trying to locate where it is stored?

    I'd like to see the current bookmark manager renamed to bookmark finder,
    which is all it can do.

    Faun, Jul 30, 2005
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  2. Faun

    Colyn Guest

    Interesting... I have no problems performing such tasks.
    A simple solution is to choose where you want to store a bookmark when
    bookmarking a site. You can even create new bookmark folders to store
    commonly used ones.
    Colyn, Jul 30, 2005
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  3. Faun

    Doug G Guest

    What version of Mozilla are you using?
    Doug G, Jul 30, 2005
  4. Faun

    Dave Garrett Guest

    This drives me crazy as well (I'm using FF 1.0.6, but this has been an
    issue with every version of FF, as well as Mozilla, that I'm aware of).
    Maybe it's not that big a deal for those who have a modestly-sized
    bookmark file, but if you have a large one that's been assembled over a
    long period of time, it's a major hassle when you're trying to remove
    multiple duplicate bookmarks.

    I really wish the Bookmark Manager's search function allowed the option
    of navigating directly to the first search result in the Bookmark pane
    (like every version of Netscape I ever used) instead of generating a new
    pane with all of the search results.

    Dave Garrett, Jul 30, 2005
  5. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Are you using some extra stuff with it? Like some extension?
    Dare I say it? Duh! ;-) Been there, done that. I have most of my
    bookmarks sorted perfectly, but there are some dupes that eludes me. And
    since the bookmark manager won't allow me to delete what it has found,
    nor does it report where the found bookmarks are, it's a tad annoying.
    Searching through a 300k+ bookmark file manually, with thousands of
    bookmarks, isn't so easy as it may sound.

    If nothing pops up, I think I'll have to open it in notepad or something
    and search from there. After all, it's just an html file...

    Faun, Jul 30, 2005
  6. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Sorry, forgot that info:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050511

    But the problem has really been there since I first started using Fx,
    like back on version 0.7 or something.

    I hope it's not that I still maintain the same bookmark file I had back
    then, I wouldn't want to trash it and start anew. Thousands of bookmarks
    would be lost.

    Faun, Jul 30, 2005
  7. Faun

    Colyn Guest

    No extensions. I use ff as installed from the installer.
    I don't understand why you can't delete dups..

    Go to program files_mozilla-firefox_defaults_profile

    This is where ff stores its bookmarks.
    Colyn, Jul 30, 2005
  8. Faun

    Cody_Dude Guest

    I hear ya....... I wrote to the Mozilla team asking if they would
    consider adding a search feature from within the Bookmark Manager.
    I never heard back but it doesn't seem like that should be a very big
    deal to implement. It's probably just not high on their list of

    Cody_Dude, Jul 30, 2005
  9. Faun

    MLC Guest

    Il Sat, 30 Jul 2005 20:48:10 +0200, Faun ha scritto:
    Check if this extension can help:
    "Locate in Bookmark Folders 0.2.1"
    MLC, Jul 30, 2005
  10. Faun

    Doug G Guest

    I use the following extensions with Firefox 1.0.6.

    Enhanced Bookmarks Search
    Locate in Bookmark Folders 0.2.1
    Doug G, Jul 30, 2005
  11. Faun

    Pon Guest

    Looks like you get all you'd ever wish for & more in Deer Park Alpha 2
    Pon, Jul 31, 2005
  12. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Aha, at least one that agrees with me. :)
    I tried this extension earlier that supposedly would prevent duplicate
    bookmarks from ever being entered into the bookmark file. Sounded too
    good to be true...and, sure enough, it was. It prevented dupes, alright,
    together with _any_ bookmark. "[Curtain] AUTHOR! AUTHOR!" Yeah, right...

    Faun, Jul 31, 2005
  13. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Nah, I think they like to mess with people's minds. "Let's think
    something up that will drive everybody crazy." And then they sit around,
    drinking beer, laughing about it.

    Faun, Jul 31, 2005
  14. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Faun, Jul 31, 2005
  15. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Huh? What't that? Sounds like game to me...

    Faun, Jul 31, 2005
  16. Faun

    Faun Guest

    I'll check those out, although, <>,
    told me about "Locate [...]" in another article.


    Faun, Jul 31, 2005
  17. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Neither can I. That's why I'm here...

    Faun, Jul 31, 2005
  18. Deer Park is the development codename for Firefox 1.5 (it used to be
    1.1, but they recently decided to change version numbers). Your
    reaction is, incidentally, exactly what Mozilla.org wants---they're
    using a codename because they don't want consumers thinking the testing
    releases are real Firefox upgrades.

    Mozilla (and open-source software in general) release dates are never
    very reliable, but Fx 1.5 should be out sometime this year. They were
    saying this summer (northern hemisphere), but it's now looking more like
    fall or winter. Anyway, 1.5 is supposed to repair a lot of the stuff
    people have been griping about in 1.0, like having to download the whole
    program over again for every little security update, and the
    half-functional extension manager.
    Damian Dollahite, Aug 1, 2005
  19. Faun

    Faun Guest

    Faun, Aug 1, 2005
  20. Faun

    Faun Guest

    That's silly. The alpha keyword would be enough. Morons who think
    otherwise can just sod off. I guess there are too many ie porn googlers
    switching, the same ones who can't be bothered with reading about what
    it is they download, just clicking on.

    Faun, Aug 1, 2005
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