why does wireless connection keep being interrupted?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Jan 29, 2007.

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    When my son is playing 2142 Battlefield online on our home computer and I'm
    on our laptop, I sometimes lose connection. I've started doing things next to
    the home computer to see when I get disconnected and it's when he dies in the
    game and it has to reload him somewhere else. It's very annoying as my laptop
    won't reconnect until his game starts again. Any reason why this is happening
    and what I can do about it?
    Both computers use Windows XP. We have a Linksys Cable Modem w/ USB and
    Ethernet connections and a 2.4 ghz Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router w/
    Speed Booster
    Guest, Jan 29, 2007
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  2. It sounds like bandwidth issue, but I would confirm this a couple of ways:

    1. Open task manager on the desktop computer and click on the networking
    tab. Play the game until your laptop gets disconnected, then check the
    network connection and see if it network utilization peaked at that time.
    2. Use the desktop computer to download some large files and see if this
    also disconnects your laptop.

    Do you have good to excellent signal strength on your laptop? If not, you
    may try amplifying the strength with a new antenna or repeater. If your
    desktop computer is plugged directly into the cable modem, you might also
    try plugging it into the wireless router instead and see if this helps.
    Another thing to try is to buy a cheap USB wireless adapter and have your
    son use this when playing the game instead of the direct ethernet

    As a last resort, you could try lowering the connection speed of the
    ethernet card in the desktop computer. Go to properties of the connection,
    click configure, and the Advanced tab should have a list of properties, one
    of which is Speed & Duplex. Change the value from auto to 10M Full or 10M
    Half. Your cable modem or wireless router probably supports Half duplex, so
    I'd try 10M Half first.
    Greg Lindsay [MSFT], Jan 29, 2007
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