Why can't I access ftp://ftp.isc.org/ ?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Mike Easter, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Mike Easter

    Mike Easter Guest

    It works OK for me. Does your resolver work?

    ftp.isc.org =

    Does work?

    If the IP ftp works and the name doesn't, it is a resolver problem.
    Mike Easter, Mar 14, 2007
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  2. Mike Easter

    Vanguard Guest

    He's taking shorthand for DNS (domain name server) that resolves IP
    names (what you use) to IP addresses (what computers use). If you
    browse to www.yahoo.com, www.ibm.com, www.intel.com, or
    ftp.microsoft.com, can you get to those sites? If not, then I also have
    to suspect that the problematic host is a different computer than the
    one from which you posted since you probably have an IP name specified
    for the newsgroups server in Forte. If you can elsewhere but to this
    site, are you trying to connect from home or work? Work involves lots
    more stuff in the way, like censorware to restrict access to types of
    sites. From home, could be you need to purge the TIF (temporary
    internet files) in your browser.

    Using a browser as an FTP client is like using the handle end of a
    screwdriver to pound in a nail. Wrong tool for the job. Use a real FTP
    client, like FileZilla (it's free).
    Vanguard, Mar 14, 2007
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  3. Mike Easter

    Frosty Guest

    Why can't I get ftp://ftp.isc.org/ to show up in my browser anymore?
    Frosty, Mar 14, 2007
  4. Mike Easter

    Meat Plow Guest


    reachable here.
    Meat Plow, Mar 14, 2007
  5. Mike Easter

    Frosty Guest

    Yes, works.
    So what's a "resolver?" And how do I fix it?
    Let me restate that. How do I fix it? (I Googled it and I read about
    it...and I *still* don't know what one is!)
    Frosty, Mar 14, 2007
  6. Mike Easter

    Frosty Guest

    IMO that last thing you said makes the most sense and I'm gonna go
    ahead & DL FileZilla.
    BTW, I just got off the fone with my ISP and they have no prob.
    getting that ftp site via Interweb Exploder.

    Thanx all again.
    Frosty, Mar 14, 2007
  7. I like your analogy. Simile. Whatever. :)

    It's like using a browser to do Usenet.
    Blinky the Shark, Mar 14, 2007
  8. WMD (Windows Maintenance Default). I love it. :)
    Blinky the Shark, Mar 14, 2007
  9. Mike Easter

    Frosty Guest

    And the answer was: (pull the curtain, Fred)

    I simply had to restart (cold) my pumcuter and everything is
    Frosty, Mar 14, 2007
  10. Mike Easter

    Mike Easter Guest

    I agree that a ftp client should be used for the /typical/ kind of ftp
    work such as moving large files or large quantities of files.

    However, for the specific job of browsing the ftp.isc.org directories to
    acquire one small gz/ed text file, a browser works perfectly well.
    That's what people usually go to ftp.isc.org for, to find and get a
    charter or a control file for a newsgroup.
    Mike Easter, Mar 14, 2007
  11. Mike Easter

    Vanguard Guest

    With IE, I believe the default is active mode. Often you have to
    reconfigure it to use passive mode (due to firewalls or just how the FTP
    server wants to handshake). I'm not sure but because I haven't touched
    the configuration, FileZilla is configured by default to use passive
    mode (and if FileZilla is that way then my bet is that other FTP clients
    are similarly configured by default for best compatibility).


    Yep, I've used IE on occasion as an FTP client but if I have any
    problems then I immediately switch to a real FTP client, even if it is
    to open a DOS shell and run ftp.exe (GUIs are nice for some folks but
    the command line works very well).
    Vanguard, Mar 15, 2007
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