Who's gonna be first to get their hands on these juniper switchesthen?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Steve Williamson, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. The flash demo looks rather kewl, then I searched about on the site
    almost ready to email my line manager with a Purchase Request form,
    then discovered the prices - 3200 series @ $4000, and the 4200 series
    @ $6000 - whew!


    Admit it, they do look nice though :) And junOS - anyone familiar with
    that? What's it like compared to Cisco IOS and Huawei switch OSes?
    Steve Williamson, Jan 29, 2008
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  2. Steve Williamson

    AMR Guest

    Guess they feel big enough to compete with Cisco in the switching
    market (Cisco's bread and butter.) JunOS is great - nice modular
    FreeBSD based OS. Huawei is about like most Chinese technology -
    stolen, reverse engineered or bought - I wouldn't touch them with a
    10' pole.
    AMR, Jan 29, 2008
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  3. Steve Williamson

    Rob Morley Guest

    >, Steve Williamson
    WTF does this have to do with home networking?
    Rob Morley, Jan 30, 2008
  4. Steve Williamson

    Neil Cherry Guest

    ["Followup-To:" header set to comp.dcom.sys.cisco.]
    What you don't have a BAS (Big A** Switch) in you're home? How
    do you keep warm. ;-)
    Neil Cherry, Jan 30, 2008
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